Which SG local dish matches your astrological sign?

Believe it or not, astrology is widely believed and practised; even in a hawker centre. Yes, you heard me right! Be it for leisure or romantic advice, there’s always something that will intrigue us. 

I’m no expert in anything astrology-related. This is why I’ve paired up with Devi, a tarot card reader with over two years of experience, who’s graciously accepted my pitch on creating an Astro-food list, all for your reading pleasure. 

It was no easy feat, pairing each astrology sign with a local dish, however, we powered through and got it done. What’s hilarious is that she didn’t find my request the least bit strange; either she saw this coming or she’s just used to weird requests. Of course, there are many layers to astrology but for today, we’re focussing on your sun sign. 

ARIES: Nasi Briyani

Image of briyani

Passionate and full of fire, folks born under the sign of Aries always bring forth bold and magnetic energy, like a plate of aromatic Nasi Briyani. They are also incredibly generous by nature; similarly, nasi briyani is usually prepared in a huge vat and served during social gatherings, like weddings. Bold flavours and full of spice, it’s no surprise how they are effortlessly lovable. 


Image of hot pot

Homely, traditional, grounded. These are the three words that come to mind when I think of Taurus. Despite being represented by the bull, deep down, all they want to do is enjoy the simplicities that life has to offer, like a Hot Pot meal filled with traditional ingredients.

GEMINI: Nasi Padang

Image of nasi padang

Geminis are often known for their unpredictability and indecisiveness. And like a plate of Nasi Padang, there’s fun on every plate; like their colourful personality! Have you realised how every nasi padang stall sells a wide range of dishes? Akin to the inquisitive Gemini, there’s always a chance to try different dishes each time to aid their short attention span and easily bored nature. 

CANCER: Chilli Crab

Image of chilli crab

Oh, my crabby moon children. Every time I come across a Cancerian, all I want to do is pick them up and cradle them like the little babies that they are. Intense, full of love and family-oriented, the Chilli Crab is the perfect representation of their sign. They’re also known to be quite the hermit around most folks, so this pick is pretty much self-explanatory. 

LEO: Laksa 

Image of laksa

Leos are hard to miss as they’re usually the centre of attention. Outgoing go-getters, they are lively and warm, just like a bowl of spicy Laksa. The creamy coconut milk base makes for Leo’s beauty and lusciousness, while the spiciness well-represents their fiercely exciting character. 

VIRGO: Chicken Rice

Image of menu items

Virgos are known for their reliable and practical nature. I can attest to this because the majority of people I’m close to are Virgos. They’re modest and down to earth, and can come across as boring to some. So, like Chicken Rice, which people often mistake as a simple dish, they have a layer of complexity and elegance that most people are unaware of. Only with each bite will you be surprised by the robust flavours of each component, and that is the secret of a Virgo. 

LIBRA: Fish Bee Hoon Soup

Image of fish bee hoon soup

Libras are always about partnership. They hate being alone, and thrive on how they relate to people. So what better dish than Fish Bee Hoon Soup. Although diplomatic in nature, they also love to feel needed hence, this comforting dish is perfect to have during a rainy day to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

SCORPIO: Fish Head Curry

Image of fish head curry

Let’s face it, Scorpios are intense. Very intense. To the point where one look could sting. Confident and charismatic, they will get to the bottom of everything, like how you will get to the nooks and crannies of a bowl of Fish Head Curry. From the explosion of flavours from the gravy to the collagen hidden within its gills, Scorpios have multiple layers to them, and sometimes it’s best to enjoy them in small doses.


Image of nasi lemak

The rebel of the lot, the gregarious Sagittarius is a sign that’s also known for its wittiness and unique ideas. Just like there’s no one way to have Nasi Lemak, over the years there has been a slew of nasi lemak-flavoured burgers, chips, and everything in between. With its inability to sit still, Sagittarius like nasi lemak is bound to give folks a run for their money. 

CAPRICORN: Chinese Rojak 

Image of chinese rojak

Capricorns are hardworking, determined, and ambitious. So, like the Chinese Rojak, it’s fast-to-make, easy-to-eat, and filled with an amalgamation of healthy ingredients; ensuring you get the proper nutrients while being on the go. Often perceived as boring, as the Chinese rojak, they are an acquired taste, and will only open up to you if you’re able to keep up with their busy nature. 

AQUARIUS: Teh Tarik Ice-Cream  

Image of teh tarik ice cream

Their nonchalant nature may be seen as a threat to many, however, once you get to know them, they’re the total opposite. Aquarius, ruled by the air, is like ice-cream; light and refreshing. They are also known for their intellect and creativity, much like the teh tarik flavour. Traditionally out of the norm, but strangely works. 

PISCES: Ice Kacang 

Image of ice kacang

We’ve reached the end of the list, and what better way to end it than with the dreamer. Pisceans are notoriously known for their fluidity and spirituality, often happy living within their delusions, they make for the perfect bowl of Ice Kacang. The multiple colours on the dessert elude their fantasy world and the ice… speaks for itself doesn’t it? A perfect end to any meal; like the 12th astrology sign. 

Image of Devi

I had a fun time coming up with this list with the help of Devi, who, being the generous Aries that she is, has offered to give SethLui readers 10% off any kind of Tarot Reading! All you have to do is drop by her Instagram page, and quote ‘SLXFAL10 to get a glimpse of your future! 

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