Sour Plum Shots: Mambo Anywhere With A Full Bottle Of Alcoholic Sour Plum Shots

Don’t want to fork out $20 for just two Plum Shots at Zouk? Well, get ready to mambo at home with these 750ml full-bottled Sour Plum Shots by Saucy (S$98). I’ve got a promo code for you as well at the bottom that makes it just S$88.

Sour Plum Shots Singapore Saucy

Throwback mambo nights have never been so easy with these thick sour shots.

Sour Plum Shots Singapore 2

Made with Eristoff vodka and Taiwanese plums, these 23% ABV plum shots deliver a strong sng buay punch indeed.

Personally, I find the shots a bit too sweet and potent straight up chilled, but have it with ice or even mix it as a cocktail and you’ve got the perfect shooter. This is bound to be a hit amongst the ladies (even myself included).

Sour Plum Shots Singapore 3

Because these sour plum shots are so gao (thick), you can use it as a base liqueur, add more vodka, add lime juice and shake it up with ice – that’s how I prefer drinking it, like a cocktail.

Saucy’s Sour Plum Shots are a great drink for the festive parties coming up. Even if you aren’t a drinker, these can be used in recipes as well, such as a braised pork belly with sour plum recipe.

Each bottle retails at the usual price of S$98.

BUT WAIT. Just use my promo code and the bottle is yours for S$88. What’s more, there’s free delivery too!

Plum Shots Blogger Code

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