Spice Things Up With The Spicy Chicken McNugget & Curry Sauce Bottle + New Fries & Ice Cream Flavours At McDonald’s From 30 May In SG

Whether it’s bringing back previous popular items or introducing their latest creations, McDonald’s always has something up their sleeves.

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 2
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Remember when there was a shortage of their famous Curry Sauce in Singapore, which sent the Internet into a frenzy? Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because you can get a whole bottle of it from any McDonald’s outlet in Singapore.

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 1
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

From 30 May 2019 onwards, McDonald’s is bringing back the long-awaited Spicy Chicken McNugget (from S$4.85/6 pcs), along with the good ol’ Curry Sauce Bottle (S$5.50).

You can buy a maximum of four Curry Sauce Bottles with every purchase of Chicken McNuggets Meal and McNuggets A-la-Carte (not inclusive of Chicken McNuggets Happy Meals orders).

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 5
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

If you just want the Spicy Chicken McNuggets, you can get them a la carte (S$4.85/6pcs, S$6.40/9pcs, S$12.50/20pcs). You can also get it in a Happy Sharing Box (S$12.85), which comes 12 Spicy Chicken McNuggets and eight McWings.

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 3
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

For the big eaters (or if you’re sharing a meal), you can get the Exclusive Bundle (S$31). This comes with Chicken McNuggets (20pc), Spicy Chicken McNuggets (20pc) and a whole Curry Sauce Bottle. However, this is only available through McDelivery and GrabFood — time for a stay-in Sunday lunch!

Aside from the return of the well-loved Spicy Chicken McNuggets and Curry Sauce Bottle, McDonald’s is also launching new French fries and two new ice cream flavours.

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 4
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Want to try the latest French Onion Shaker Fries? Just upsize (additional S$0.70) any Extra Value meal!

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 9
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Treat yourself to something sweet, and choose between the Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone (S$2) or the Kit Kat McFlurry (S$3.10). 

Mcdonald's New Menu Items May 2019 Online 6
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

Chocolate lovers will enjoy the best of both worlds with vanilla soft-serve swirled with chocolate sauce and crunchy Kit Kat Bites, all in one cup.

These exclusive Mcdonald’s menu items are always sold out in an instant. So as soon as you get the chance, head down to the McDonald’s closest to you and grab them before they run out of stock.

Dates & Time: 30 May 2019 onwards| Available at all McDonald’s outlets and through McDelivery

Prices: From S$4.85 onwards