Munch On Crunchy & Addictive Brainless Shrimp Cheek By Star Chew Now Available

We’re sure it’s only been a while since we were all eager to get our hands on the highly coveted Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin. But recently, we discovered a whole new snack that might be the next in thing, or raise some eyebrows first, at least.

The bizarre Salted Egg Brainless Shrimp Cheek snack may sound weird, but I’m sure it’ll grow on you almost immediately.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek 1

Just what exactly is brainless shrimp cheek? It’s actually the lower part of the shrimp head which resembles the crustacean’s ‘cheek’. All the guilt-inducing, high-cholesterol parts (mainly roe and brain) are removed, leaving it as an empty shell or simply “brainless”.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek 2

We tried Star Chew’s Salted Egg Brainless Shrimp Cheek (S$9 per 70g), and it was love at first bite. The unmistakable richness of salted egg filled my mouth with every crunch. Equally strong in flavour, the briny prawn flavour was not overpowered by the salted egg.

The two dominant flavours packed each bite with a complex, umami flavour.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek 3

It was rather airy, making it easier to bite through than fried fish skin which is sometimes too tough. I also liked the consistent bite-sized quality of the shrimp cheeks, which made it a breeze to munch through the entire packet in no time.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek Online 4

With the cholesterol-rich parts all removed, snack time will be a little less guilty for you.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek Online 5

I’m a huge fan of prawn and fish crackers, so this snack definitely topped the charts for me. I must warn those of you who aren’t fans of seafood that it might be too briny for your liking.

Star Chew Brainless Shrimp Cheek 6

Love something spicier? We’ve got you covered with good olMa La Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps (S$9 per 110g) from Star Chew. Savoury and spicy, the mala flavour was extremely fragrant.

While I still prefer the airer crunch of the Salted Egg Brainless Shrimp Cheek, this classic snack still makes an impression. Even though it’s spicy and increasingly numbing, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from finishing the packet.

Our chilli-fearing friends may still want to stick with the non-mala version available. 

A little disclaimer: you might want to be a little shellfish with this snack. Psst, you can now indulge round the clock with various Star Chew snacks available at the Balestier Dojin outlet that’s open 24 hours.

Dates & Times: Now available online or at Bedok and Balestier Dojin outlets 

Prices: S$9 per 70g

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Star Chew

228 Balestier Road, Singapore 329690

Our Rating 5/5

Star Chew

228 Balestier Road, Singapore 329690

Telephone: +65 9388 7099
Operating Hours: 24 hours
Telephone: +65 9388 7099

Operating Hours: 24 hours
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