Starbucks’ Merlion Frappuccino: The Singapore-Inspired Beverage Is Pretty To Look At But Too Sweet To Drink


While it may be old news to read about Singapore’s version of Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino — dubbed as the Merlion Frappuccino, we can’t really call ourselves ‘millennials’ until we’ve had a sip of this supposed psychedelic drink, can we?

The Merlion Frappuccino came about when Youtuber thejetsets uploaded a video of himself attempting to order the US-exclusive, highly-raved about Unicorn Frappucino at Orchard Point’s Starbucks outlet, where the barista whipped up a locally-inspired version.

Created in beautiful shades of sunset, the Merlion Frappuccino is a non-caffeinated beverage made with mango, strawberries, and milk.

A tip: you’ll have to ask the barista to swirl strawberry (or raspberry) syrup into the empty cup, before pouring in the mango frappe and topping the beverage with whipped cream and more syrup.

Our rendition of the Merlion Frappe was unfortunately not in sunset shades.

We decided to try our luck, and paid a visit to the branch near our office in Toa Payoh right after the lunch crowd dissipated. Unfortunately, this off-menu drink was too much of a challenge. We expected sunset hues but ended up getting a lighter shade of pink.

Despite boasting rich hints of raspberry, we unanimously agreed that our Merlion Frappuccino was too sweet for our liking. That said, the original Merlion Frappuccino that we saw online is definitely Instagram-worthy.

It goes without saying that the availability of this off-menu beverage is subject to the baristas’ knowledge and the ingredients at their disposal. If you are sick of your usual order, why not take a leap of faith and try out these Zenged‘ Starbucks drinks in Singapore.

Expected damage: $7 – $10 per drink

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