10 best restaurants in Sunway Pyramid where you can satiate your appetite

Sunway Pyramid is probably one of the most popular malls in the Klang Valley. It’s the country’s first themed mall that started operations in 1997. From the entrance alone you can tell that it takes on an Egyption pyramid theme— the large lion head that looms over the glass doors is pretty hard to ignore.

This mall is just one of the few attractions in Sunway City. Right next to the mall is Malaysia’s beloved water theme park, Sunway Lagoon, where you’ll find visitors queuing up for tickets even on a random Tuesday morning.

If you visit the mall on weekdays, you’ll most likely see groups of students walking around or eating at McDonald’s, because Sunway University is nearby. Feeling unwell? Don’t worry, Sunway Medical Centre is pretty close, too.

Sunway is a city inside a city.

If you find yourself eating at the same few restaurants every time you visit this large mall (it’s okay, I’m guilty too), here’s a list of 10 restaurants in Sunway Pyramid where you can  satiate your appetite. 

1. A’Decade (#LG2.52)

A'Decade - Storefront

A’Decade is one of the few restaurants in Sunway Pyramid that specialises in local cuisine. Jalur Gemilang flags are hung proudly at the front of the shop,  showcasing the eatery’s Malaysian-ness.  

Any local dish you can think of, they’ve got it. A’Decade has the likes of Kelantanese Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik (RM23.90), Perak Curry Cheong Fun (RM9.90), and Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong (RM23.90).

ADecade - Nari kerabu

They have fusion sandwiches like Sambal Chicken Chop Sandwich and Soy Garlic Chicken Chop Sandwich for RM18.90 each. The restaurant caters to more matsalleh tongues as well, as their menu also includes western food such as Sweet & Sour Chicken Chop, Cheezy Chicken Chop, and for a little twist, Rendang Chicken Chop, all of which cost RM24.90 each.

Fans of shellfish should check out their lala series for dishes like Lala Meehoon (RM19.90) and Lala Soup (RM21.90).

+6019 590 9868
Daily: 10am – 10pm

2. Dar Al-Arab Gourmet Restaurant (#LG2.123)

Dar Al-Arab Gourmet Restaurant - Storefront

Hidden in a dim walkway in the Marrakesh area of the mall, Dar Al-Arab Gourmet Restaurant claims to be Malaysia’s leading Middle Eastern restaurant.

Transport yourself to that region with classic dishes like Falafel (RM25), Baba Ghanoush (RM20), and Hommus (RM20). They have a wide variety of main dishes to choose from, like Lamb Fahsa (RM47), Briyani Chicken (RM39), and Lamb Shish Kebab Frany with Rice (RM45).

Dar Al-Arab Gourmet Restaurant - Food spread

The restaurant’s menu also features a grilled section. The Dar Al-Arab Mixed Grill (RM60) comes with grilled lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables, and prawns, as well as fries and bread. Other than that, they have Lamb Chop (RM57) and Spicy Shish Tawook (RM39).

Wash down your meal with their selection of desserts that are difficult to come by elsewhere. Dar Al-Arab offers Kunafa (RM30), Baklava (RM15), Riz Bil Halib (RM20), a traditional rice pudding, and a sweet milk pudding called Mahalabia (RM20).

+603 5633 9222
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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3. JINJJA Chicken (#LG2.47)

Sunway Pyramid - JINJJA Chicken - Storefront

JINJJA Chicken is a Korean fast food chain that takes inspiration from Korea’s food culture and fast-paced lifestyle. They have 2 outlets here in Malaysia, 1 in Indonesia and several in Singapore. The franchise’s Korean name “jinjja” means “really” or “very” in English.

They’re mostly known for their fried chicken, which comes in 3 flavours: sweet and savoury Soy Garlic, sweet and spicy Yangnyeom, and super spicy Monster. Prices start from RM19.90 for 6 wings and RM19.90 for 3 drumsticks. If you need rice to accompany your chicken, you can order 4 Wings & Rice or 2 Drumsticks & Rice for RM19.90 each.

JINJJA Chicken - Signature Wings Bap

They also offer other popular Korean dishes like Jjajang Myeon (RM19.90), a black bean noodle dish, Jjampong (RM24.90), spicy seafood noodles, and Bulgogi Beef Kimbap (RM20.90).

+603 5611 3221
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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4. Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant (#F1.73)

Sunway Pyramid - Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant - Storefront

As its name suggests, Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant is a Hong Kong style eatery that serves authentic dishes from the region. It strives to continue innovating while still maintaining the original flavours of Hong Kong.

The restaurant’s recommended menu items include their Signature Butter Polo Bun (RM5.90), Tau Fu Fah (RM7.90), and Lava Toast (RM10.90).

Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant - Food spread

The savoury dishes offered here are Jordan’s Char Siew Rice (RM16.90), slices of char siew, a runny egg, and vegetables on top of a bed of rice, and San Bao Rice (RM17.90) that comes with char siew, beef, and shrimp.

As expected, they even serve noodles like Ba Zhen Chicken Drumstick Noodle (RM17.90), HK Style Pork Noodle (RM19.90), Braised Pork Belly Noodle (RM19.90), and their signature La Zha Noodle (RM18.90) that’s made with feng zhao, white radish, spam, and fish balls.

+6016 922 8620
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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5. Ramen Matsuri (#LG2.87)

Sunway Pyramid - Ramen Matsuri - Storefront

It seems like everyone is on the hunt for some good ramen these days. At Ramen Matsuri, Muslim customers can dine comfortably knowing that this restaurant uses halal ingredients only.

This eatery in Sunway Pyramid specialises in 3 ramen broths, which are Original Torikoku, Red Spicy, Black Garlic. There are 3 main ways the bowls of ramen are prepared— original, with egg, and special. So, you can choose between dishes like Torikoku Special (RM29.80), Red Spicy with Egg (RM25.80), or Black Garlic Original (RM23.80).

Ramen Matsuri - Bowl of ramen

Ramen Matsuri also offers Dry Ramen with Chicken Karaage (RM25.80) for those who aren’t in the mood for thick soup, and Sambal Dry Ramen (RM20.80) for a local twist. 

They have rice dishes as well. Try out their Karaage, Char Siew Soboro, Egg Rice Don for RM23.80, or the Rice Katsu Curry for RM25.80

+603 5612 8348
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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6. Tea Garden (#LG1.40)

Tea Garden - Storefront

Tea Garden in Sunway Pyramid serves a variety of Malaysian cuisine and Nanyang-inspired dishes.

They have staple breakfast items like Homemade Cocoa Toast with Butter & Kaya (RM5.50), Egg Mayo Toast (RM7.50), and Three Layers Tea Kaw (RM10.90). If you’re looking for a full meal, they have local delicacies that are hard to find in malls, such as Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball (RM18.90) and Fried Radish Cake with Spicy Seafood Paste (RM14.90).

Tea Garden - Hainanese chicken rice ball

Check out their Spicy Lou Shu Fun (RM14.90) that’s prepared with minced mushroom chicken, egg, homemade chilli, and anchovies, or the BBQ Chicken Wonton Mee (RM15.90) for a savoury noodle dish.

The restaurant carries vegetarian options as well— both the Vegetarian Crispy Noodle in Egg Gravy (RM14.50) and Vegetarian Hor Fun in Egg Gravy (RM14.50) contain wok-fried mushrooms and goji berries.  

+6010 661 4237
Mon to Fri: 9.30am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 10pm
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7. Village Roast Duck (#G1.40)

Sunway Pyramid - Village Roast Duck - Storefront

Sunway Pyramid’s Village Roast Duck specialises in (you guessed it) roast duck and a wide variety of pork and chicken dishes. As of 2023, they have 4 branches in the Klang Valley

From 10am to 5pm on weekdays, customers can enjoy their special set meals that come with a main course, aside dish, soup, a drink, and a dessert for RM23.90. You can choose between dishes like their Roasted Duck Set Lunch, BBQ Pork Ramen, Pork Ribs King, and XO Sauce Fried Beef with Chives. 

Village Roast Duck - Plate of noodles and roast duck

If duck is what you want, duck is what you shall receive. At this restaurant, you can order their whole Special Roast Duck Cantonese Style for RM88. You can even choose to leave the bones in or have it removed.

Village Roast Duck also has Barbecued Pork (RM33), Deep Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli (RM25), and whole Steam Scallion Free Range Chicken (RM65).

+603 5632 0039
Daily: 10am – 9pm

8. Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant (#LG2.99)

Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant - Storefront

Vegetarians looking for a spot with more than a few plant-based options should check out Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant. They specialise in modern vegetarian dishes that still preserve the flavours and heart of Japanese cuisine.

Zen House has all the Japanese food you need to satisfy your cravings. They’ve got classics like Chicken Katsu Curry Don (RM19.90), a deep fried chicken cutlet with Japanese curry sauce on a bed of rice, Unagi Don (RM21.90), grilled eel on rice, and Ten Don (RM18.90) which comes with an assortment of tempura prawn and vegetables.

Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant - Food spread

They even have bento sets like their Sakana Yaki Set (RM31.90), Nigiri Sushi Set (RM33.90), Nabeyaki Udon Set (RM33.90), and the Tempura Zaru Set (RM31.90). All sets come with sides like rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, and fruits. However, the sides you get depend on the dish you order.

+6012 675 2800
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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9. DayOne DayOne Noodles (#F1.75)

DayOne DayOne Noodles - Storefront

DayOne DayOne Noodles in Sunway Pyramid offers Taiwanese dishes with the goal of bringing customers back to their childhood with the nostalgic flavours of their comforting noodles. The franchise already has 12 outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, showcasing their popularity among locals.

Their menu includes items like their best selling Roasted Pork Chew-Chew Noodle (RM22.90) and Signature Braised Pork Chew-Chew Noodle (RM18.90). Other noodle dishes available here are the Taiwanese Sausage Chew-Chew Noodle (RM23.90) and Teriyaki Chicken Chew-Chew Noodle (RM25.90).

DayOne DayOne Noodles - Bowl of noodles

DayOne DayOne has a selection of other types of food as well, such as Japanese Katsu Curry Chicken Omelette Rice (RM33.80), Taiwanese street food like KeeLung Taiwanese Tempura (RM12.80), Braise Chicken Feet (RM14.80), and Taiwanese Beef Broth (RM26.80)

They’ve also got tea time snacks for those who just want a quick bite. Taiwanese Sausage Scallion Pancake (RM13.80), Taiwanese Pork Belly Bun (RM18.80), and Golden Fried Steamed Bun (RM9.80) are just some of the dishes they have to offer.

+6019 796 6511
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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10. NANYANG CAFE (#G1.PT.07)

Sunway Pyramid - NANYANG CAFE - Storefront

NANYANG CAFE is a Malaysian-born franchise that serves fusion food. By combining the flavours from Nanyang with Malaysian Chinese cuisine, the restaurant is here to take customers on a journey.

Instead of asking “what does NANYANG CAFE have?”, the better question would be “what don’t they have?”. 

Noodle lovers will have a field day here. From hand-tossed noodles and spicy broth to pork bone soup and XO soup, customers are spoiled for choice. They have dishes like Deep-Fried Wontons with Tossed Noodles (RM15.90), Special Pork Knuckle in Preserved Bean Sauce with Noodles in Spicy & Numbing Soup (RM18.90), and Flowering Cabbage with Vermicelli in Pork Bone Soup (RM13.90).

NANYANG CAFE - Club sandwich

If you need something light on the side to balance your hearty noodle dish, check out their freshly baked goods like the Pumpkin & Cheese Bun (RM4.90), Pineapple Bun with New Zealand Butter (RM5.90), or their Crispy Bun served with Sweet Condensed Milk (RM7.90).

+603 5612 9928
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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Sunway Pyramid

3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 47500

Sunway Pyramid

3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 47500

Telephone: +60374943100
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +60374943100

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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