Sushi Jin 仁: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

“Reasonable Japanese Cuisine With Great Ambience”

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Les Amis Group has just opened a new eatery – Sushi Jin. Marketing itself as a Japanese joint, which offers a six star premium dining experience, but at a very reasonable four-star price tag. Seems and sounds too good to be true to me these days especially with my background in the airline industry – some airlines market premium economy as business class at economy prices – but I digress. We’ll find out soon enough.

Sushi Jin is located within a tiny retail arcade in a mixed-use lifestyle complex, Connexion. There are three hotels (actually it’s just one hotel with three lifestyle concepts), spa, medical clinics, and a hospital within the complex.

Sushi Jin japanese restaurant singapore

Sushi Jin  japanese restaurant singapore connexion

The interior does have a slight aura of elegance not found in other Japanese joints – a somewhat clinical/perfectionist like gist. Diners have the choice of being seated in front of the sushi counter seats, or for a more private option there are a couple of tables for groups of four. There’s even a private sushi bar that seats five.

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The best seats are definitely the ones at the counter, which gives you a close up of Head Chef Raymond at work. We’ll be trying a mix of omakase as well as some a la carte items on the menu.

tai carpaccio sushi jin singapore

Tai Carpaccio ($32). Thinly sliced raw sea bream arranged into the shape of a flower, sprinkled with finely chopped seasoned kelp and chives, and topped off with a generous heap of shaved truffles. While I enjoyed this dish, the strong taste of the truffle masked any hint of the sea.

sushi jin singapore sashimi

Assorted Sashimi (part of Omakase menu). Sushi Jin sources its finest seafood from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market and it’s flown in three times a week (maximum I’ve seen in Singapore is four times). Chef Raymond expertly slices the fresh sashimi, which was naturally flavourful on its own– selection varies depending on the shipment of seafood.

sushi jin singapore chawanmushi

Truffle Seafood Chawanmushi ($15). Definitely one of the best steamed egg custards I have ever eaten – I will gladly eat a whole pot of it. This simple silky smooth steamed egg custard is packed with seafood chunks – prawn, crab meat – and top off with slices of black truffle with its pleasant scent whiffing through the air infused into the steamed egg.

Sushi Jin singapore kawa ebi

Kawa Ebi Karaage (part of Omakase menu). Deep fried river shrimp lightly salted was really sweet and crunchy. A pity that we had Japanese sake instead of beer, that would have been an awesome pairing.

sushi jin singapore udon

Inaniwa Udon ($8). Imported from Japan, Inaniwa is not your usual thick/fat Udon; it’s more like thin flat mee pok noodles. Served in a simple dashi broth, it served as a palate cleanser as well as to fill up the carbs.

Sushi Jin-12

Assorted Sushi (part of Omakase menu). Aburi style sushi being prepared by Chef Raymond.


Blue fin Tuna Belly with Chopped Tuna. The ootoro is melt in the mouth good and requires no chewing. With that hint of char from the blow torch, this made an excellent aburi sushi.

uni foie gras

Foie Gras with Uni. The foie gras was slightly overcooked and was lacking in the soft, fats department. Likewise the uni had a very weak taste to it. Ironically, both ingredients are some of my favorite foods but didn’t seem to work together for this sushi.

salmon belly

Salmon Belly with Mentaiko. This was good but not as amazing as it looked. Would have been better if the slice was slightly thicker for texture.

kaisen don

Kaisen Don ($36). Generous chunks of seafood sprinkled with ikura and tobiko roe served atop a small mountain of rice – just think of it as a giant fresh nigiri sushi. Alternatively, go for the Hokkaido don which comprises of sea urchin , scallop, & salmon roe.

wagyu don

Wagyu Don ($35). Generous serving of pan seared wagyu beef with an onsen egg over rice and drizzled with a truffle infused soy sauce (just a slight hint). The wagyu beef was well rendered with its own fat juices and really melts in the mouth. Anything with a semi cooked egg is delicious in my books, especially with the gooey yolk coagulating the rice grains. Though I would have preferred an entirely raw egg instead – check out tamago kake gohan (卵かけご飯).


Bijoufu Junmai ($95). A easy drinking Junmai sake – balanced acidity and sweetness that will go with the fresh fish.

Sushi Jin-3

Overall it was a pretty good value meal to say the least but coming a bit short of the six star dining experience as advertised. I would say it’s a six star ambience and service, four and a half star food, and four star pricing. Regardless, Sushi Jin already has a steady stream of regulars – Chef Raymond was previously at Kinki and Fat Cow which shows his pedigree in Japanese cuisine. So do make reservations for evenings else prepare to be turned away.

Expected damage: $50 – $100 / pax

Sushi Jin: 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Owen Link, #01-11/12, Singapore 217562 | Tel: 6443 3378 | Website

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