Tai好Wan Market having booths with games and tarot card reading at GR.iD, from 26 May – 11 Jun 2023

As the school holidays are approaching, I am sure many parents are searching high and low for some interesting family activities for June. Well, you are in luck, as Tai好Wan Market will be happening over at GR.iD Mall from 26 May to 11 Jun 2023!

With games to be played and booths to muse over, there is bound to be excitement for both the kids and the adults. It definitely helps that the venue is a hotspot near lots of good grub, an example being the famed Freshio Gelato.

Tai好Wan Market — Jar of Rubies & Flitter Handmade

Booths featuring small businesses like Jar Of Rubies, SunnyHills, HappiBox as well as Flitter Handmade are there as well. If you are looking for classic art and craft goods, Flitter Handmade and Jar Of Rubies are the go-tos. Having been at famous conventions like the recent Doujima and Artcade, Jar Of Rubies has some of the most aesthetic pieces I’ve ever seen!

On the other hand, Flitter Handmade has crystal bracelets sure to attract glances. Their sister brand, Seamcrafts is also there, showcasing their best-selling, handmade sling bags and pouches.

Tai好Wan Market — HappiBox Booth

HappiBox will be the favourite among collectors, having some designer rare figurines like the famous Bubble Eggs Series (S$16.90). Feeling like adding to your empty shelves? This booth will be your ultimate heaven.

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Last but certainly not least, SunnyHills are your supplier for classic snacks. Having a stock of an assortment of yummy goods — Banana Waffle Cookie (S$4 per piece, S$25.50 per box) and their Signature Pineapple Cake (S$16.10 for 5S$28.80 for 10).

Tai好Wan Market — Booth games

Whilst you browse through the booths, your kids can choose from an array of games in Tai好Wan Market to play. From Balloon DartsTeacup TossRing Toss and Mahjong Bingo, the little ones are sure to ignite their competitive spirit.

However, the most intriguing prize will go to Ri Tarot Collective. Yes, you heard right, there will be tarot card reading as well! Tarot and I Ching will be available for any of your burning questions or pure curiosity.

Tai好Wan Market — Setup Of Market

Be sure to stop by before 11 Jun 2023 to see what all the hype in Tai好Wan Market is! Will you bring home a couple new items or be enlightened by your read destiny? There’s only one way to find out!

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Tai好Wan Market

1 Selegie Road, Singapore 188306

Tai好Wan Market

1 Selegie Road, Singapore 188306

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm

Operating Hours: 12pm - 9pm