‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #045 — How should one provide constructive feedback to poor service or food?

Hurrah for dining out resuming once again, and I’m sure all of us have been restlessly waiting for the restrictions to be eased. With that said, Episode 2’s topic was inspired by a meal we had—a lacklustre one specifically—and we were confronted with a moral dilemma of how to provide constructive feedback rather than blatantly complaining about our meal, as many would resort to.

Man giving feedback about food to wait staff

It’s a familiar struggle we’re sure many of us have faced time and time again, but we’ve also seen how differently people handle a misalignment of expectations, in both service and food standards. Now we’re not saying complaining is wrong in and of itself, but there are healthy ways to provide feedback. For example, if a dish you ordered doesn’t meet your expectations, you have every right to request a re-fire or a cancellation of the dish in place of something else. But we are aware that some tend to resort to posting about their experience online in hopes of gathering “votes” to boycott an establishment or seek compensation.

We understand that it’s hard-earned money that’s being spent whenever you dine out, but there are also people behind these businesses. Unless the restaurant, cafe, or stall has wronged you awfully—perhaps cheat you of money, cause to be very ill, or has inflicted harm—then we believe most misunderstandings can be solved amicably and with a simple vote of not spending your money there any longer.

We have to remember, although we’re the paying diner, it doesn’t give us the right to degrade a business in the name of rallying people into our camp. But we do, however, have the prerogative to find other places to spend our money if we’re unsatisfied with a place. If you enjoy listening to ‘Tapau Please’ and its previous episodes, you may influence your friends and family to have a listen too, at PodbeanSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

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