‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #044 — Dr Chee Soon Juan; opposition politician and F&B business owner

We’re finally back with Season 3 of Tapau Please—for those of you who have patiently awaited its return. To kick off this season (a year after our very first episode, might I add), we invited SDP’s Secretary-General and owner of the latest cafe sensation, Orange & Teal, Dr Chee Soon Juan, to our studios.

Dr Chee Soon Juan

Dr Chee spoke candidly about his journey into F&B, something he didn’t anticipate for himself many years ago. He saw the idea of Orange & Teal materialising into a place for people to commune and share a meal together, and less about the potential profits of a blossoming business. For him, he’s all about keeping in touch with each other and taking the time to put a pause on the buzz of our daily bustle to catch up with the ones who matter most.

Orange & Teal interior

He also shares with us his impassioned position on how the government should assist in this dire time for F&B businesses, suffering in this pandemic. There have been tough lessons for him along the way, but his philosophy to see things true and commit to them is a admirable trait we’re confident everyone can take on. As this season kicks off right around the corner from National Day, we all hope you’re doing your part to stay safe, register for your vaccination, and we can all look forward to dining out in larger groups, and perhaps even bring back concerts and larger-scale events.

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