‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #043 — The social stigma of dining alone

Tapau Please is in between seasons but we wanted to surprise everyone with an episode to tide you through the month-long break. While we’re working on Season 3, we’ve noticed how, in spite of the dining restrictions allowing two diners to a table, most people still choose to stay home. Yes, dining with one other companion doesn’t make for lively makan sessions and also splitting your family across tables simply, well, doesn’t make much sense.

Man dining alone

But is it also the fact that many of us still don’t feel comfortable dining out alone? Is there still a social stigma of enjoying a meal without the presence of another person and idle chatter? We expand the topic to address why dining alone is still considered a “loner’s” life to some, and why sitting with yourself really isn’t a bad thing. We also touch on the concept of masturdating, the act of dating one’s self, in hopes of finding contentment and fulfilment with one’s own company.

Even though we’re gradually opening our dining allowances once again to accommodate five people to a table, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring the joy you can experience from taking yourself out to your favourite food spot and perhaps, even a movie. After all, safe distancing is still highly prized and what better way to keep a safe distance from others than by going out by yourself?

What are some of the activities you like to do solo, outside your home? What are some activities do you think more people should try alone?

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