Groups of 5 pax allowed for dining-in from 12 July & other updates

Here’s a little mid-week boost to get you through the rest of the week. The Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) has introduced updates to Singapore’s Covid-19 measures under Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) via a virtual doorstop on 7 July 2021.

Dining-in in groups of 5 allowed

A close up of ingredients at Qi Xiang Hotpot for dining-in restrictions

The update we’ve all been waiting for; groups of 5 pax will be allowed for dine-in come 12 July 2021. Yes, no more friendships will hang in the balance and KBBQs, mookata, and hotpot will make sense once again. Of course, dining-in is still considered a high-risk activity, as patrons will have their masks off in enclosed spaces.

Therefore, live performances, recorded music, and screenings will continue to be prohibited at F&B establishments. This is to reduce the expulsion of droplets from individuals having to raise their voices over the noise.

As law-abiding citizens that love to eat out, remember to adhere to safe-distancing measure and have your mask on at all times when eating or drinking.

Mask-off for indoor sports and fitness classes

Picture of gym of Phase 3 Heightened Alert

In other good news, gym buffs can rejoice. From 12 July 2021, gyms and fitness studios can conduct indoor mask-off sports or exercise activities in group sizes of up to five persons.

Classes can now continue in groups of no more than five persons, with a maximum of up to 50 persons, including the instructor, or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower.  There will be more updates, so keep your eyes and Lulu Lemons’ close as we await for SportsSG to provide us with more details.

Weddings can resume

You can now start to pencil in weddings into your social calendar as wedding receptions are now allowed to resume from 12 July 2021. The capacity is limited to no more than 250 people and pre-event testing (PET). For smaller wedding receptions of 50 people or less, PET will only be required for the wedding party.

WFH to remain the default 

Even with the easing of restrictions, work from home is still to remain the default, with employees taking staggered work start times and flexible schedules.

From 12 July 2021, social gatherings at the workplace will be allowed. However, these gatherings must be limited to a group size of no more than five persons.

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