‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Episode #015 — Rachel Ling, Lyre’s Asia Regional Manager, chats about the teetotaller industry & whips up tasty spirit-free cocktails

Tapau Please (wp)

We’re merely a handful of weeks away from Christmas—and New Year’s Eve—and I’m sure, in spite of the train wreck that’s 2020, we’re all looking forward to intimate dinner parties for the festive season. That’s why it comes at an opportune time for Zat & Wani to speak to Rachel Ling, Lyre’s Asia Regional Manager, on this 15th episode of ‘Tapau Please‘ by SethLui.com.

In this episode, we were enlightened about facts about the non-alcoholic industry, as well as why there’s a growing trend of people choosing a sober life. It can range from health reasons to consciously wanting to a break from dreaded hangovers.

Lyres Rachel Ling Online
Credit – Lyre’s

For those unfamiliar with Lyre’s, it’s a non-alcoholic spirit that also happens to the most-awarded non-alcoholic spirit brand in the world! It has only recently made its entry into Singapore and is currently stocked in selected bars and restaurants, as well as Cold Storage. For more information on Lyre’s, visit their official site here.

We were gifted with the pleasure of taste-testing some of Lyre’s products, and boy, were they tasty. This podcast episode is split into two parts, so be sure to listen to both for an educational listen and if you know someone who’s on his/her journey of switching to non-alcoholic, this episode would be a perfect start to their discovery.

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