‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #031 — MasterChef Singapore S2 Epi 7 & Netflix’s Seaspiracy

Our co-hosts have been having such a fun time this season with a recap of MasterChef Singapore Season 2 every episode. The last one, Episode 7, was a doozy, as contestants raced against the clock to whip up imaginative recipes with fish they caught fresh from our local kelong. How did they fair?

Chef Mandy Pan on MasterChef Singapore Season 2 Episode 7

More importantly, their elimination challenge saw pastry Chef Mandy Pan offer her immaculate dessert recipes for recreation, which saw plenty of tears, sweat, and undeniable struggles amongst the contestants. However, who prevailed this round? And was the eliminated contestant a just decision? More importantly, who are the co-hosts rooting for to see in the finals of this MasterChef Singapore season?

In this ninth episode of Tapau Please Season 2, we address the much-discussed Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, which addresses the pollution that’s a direct result of trawl fishing. If you’d love to hear our co-hosts give their two-cents’ on this controversial show, remember to tune in and share this episode with anyone you might think wants to hear a third party’s opinion—everything’s up for a discussion. From the true impact of trawl fishing to bycatch to sustainable fishing, this documentary sheds a light on issues you might not have given a second thought about while perusing your supermarket fresh/frozen fish aisle.

Regardless if you’re for or against the documentary’s persuasion, in our current climate of food scarcity, this is one show you should add to your Netflix watch list.

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