Taste Good: Salted Egg Chicken Rice & Other Dishes At S$5 In Sim Lim Square That Live Up To Its Stall Name

Taste Good-1

Most of us see Sim Lim Square as a place to buy computers and other gadgets, but not many people go there specially for food unless you work or study around the area. Taste Good is one of the few food stores in the mall, with long queues snaking to its neighbouring shop.

Don’t get scared off by that though; the queue is for those getting the economical mixed rice — to order off the a la carte menu, head straight to the cashier without having to join the queue. It can get a bit crowded during the lunch and dinner hours, so make sure you tell the friendly lady boss how many seats you require so she can get you a table.

Taste Good-2

First up, the signature dish that drew me in was the Salted Egg Chicken Rice ($5). The signature dishes are served in a mini wok, which makes it great for picture taking.

The chicken was tender, with a strong hit of spiciness from the chilli lingering at the back of my throat. The sauce was also smooth, unlike some salted egg yolk sauces that are a bit grainy in texture.

Taste Good-3

The Butter Pork Rib ($5) has the same amount of spiciness, but the sauce is thicker and more buttery with a slight hint of milk powder used. The meat tears apart easily, signifying that it is tender and soft. I enjoyed the contrast between the meat and the crunchy edges from frying the pork ribs.

Taste Good-4

I ordered a side order of Cereal Fish ($5.50), but this is also available with rice for the same price. The fish was flaky and moist, but the cereal was the real star of the dish, who am I kidding, the entire dish is.

The cereal looked like deep fried noodles that are used as a base for other food, but lighter and less greasy, with a much sweeter taste. When asked, the lady boss divulged that it’s made up of mostly eggs, with the cereal having been melted down and mixed into the egg strands.

Taste Good-5

I couldn’t stop indulging in the cereal, it was amazing, and I’ll definitely have to come back for another plate of this.

I had an Iced Kopi ($1.40) with the dish to cool off my palate, still tingling from the spice. It was sweet and milky, perhaps overly so at the start, but once left to dilute a little from the melting ice, it turned out perfect.

Taste Good opens at 9am for breakfast, and the signature dishes are available from 12pm all the way till the last order at 7.45pm. There are plenty of office workers, but you’ll find a lot of students from LASALLE College of the Arts as well. If you need help finding a table, remember to tell the lady boss or one of the workers around so you can avoid standing around for nothing!

Expected damage: $5 – $7/pax

Taste Good: 1 Rochor Canal Rd, Sim Lim Square, #02-04, Singapore 188504 | Facebook