‘Teh tarik connoisseur’ spills the tea on Singapore’s best teh tariks

Last Updated: July 30, 2021

Written by Ariel C.

Not gonna lie, we were impressed by one netizen’s dedication to reviewing various pandan flavoured goods—ranging from their favourite pandan waffles and expanding to swiss rolls, tarts, and even artisanal doughnuts. Joining the club of foodies who are dedicated to finding the best of something in Singapore today is Instagram user @tehtarikconnoisseur. As the name suggests, this Instagrammer prides themselves on being an expert on the drink Singaporeans love dearly, and spills the tea on every teh tarik they’ve tried thus far.

Teh tarik is named after the ‘pulling’ action during the drink’s preparation. Don’t be fooled by the similarly-coloured shades of brown though, because this user makes it a point to highlight the features we love best about teh tarik—namely froth, tarik skills, and sweetness level. The Instagram account has amassed a considerable following of almost two thousand people, and pledges to its followers that they’re ‘finding the best teh tarik in Singapore’.

Their reviews also include little recommendations for alternative drinks such as teh halia (ginger tea) if the teh tarik didn’t quite meet their expectations. You can also expect to find recommendations of prata telur (stuffed egg prata) in a post or two, so you can conveniently tapau your lunch when you make a trip down to try @tehtarikconnoisseur’s recommendations.

Followers have also been taking to the comments section to share their own opinions on the various teh tarik reviews posted, alongside dropping a few of their own go-to spots. If you’re planning to get a hot drink in the morning, @tehtarikconnoiseur especially recommends the ones from Ayer Rajah, lauded as “one of the best teh tariks in the West”, and Opposite Masjid Kassim, which is “defo recommended if you are in the Kembangan area”.

These Instagram accounts definitely are worth checking out, especially if you’re looking to offer your support to local hawkers who are struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to do your part for the environment and tapau your teh tarik in a reusable cup or bottle.

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