Pandan waffle enthusiast has IG account detailing her gastro-journey

If there’s one flavour that’s been adapted many times over, it has to be pandan. If not pandan in its own starring role, then it would be ondeh-ondeh. But right now, we’re shifting our focus on this fragrant, grassy aroma that’s gotten everyone in love with all things pandan. And now, we even have a dedicated Instagram account that depicts a pandan waffle hunt, right down to keeping a score sheet. Let us introduce you to pandan_pig.

Pandan Pig Online3

With pandan_pig’s first post on Instagram debuting on 12 April 2021, it’s since taken off with a flurry of pandan food-related posts that chronicle where each food item can be bought, its pros and cons, as well as an overall rating. Some of the posts we love most are the ones of Tan Xia Bakery and Spring Leaf Bakery for the user’s unbridled confession of adoration for these two pandan waffle spots. It’s making us really crave a hot one off the grill right now.

Pandan Pig Online2

Apart from pandan waffles, the user also shares other pandan-laced snacks that we’re certainly familiar with, such as Rich & Good Cake Shop’s Pandan Roll and Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s Kaya Pandan Muffin. If you’ve got a penchant for this flavour, I’m sure you’ve already followed this account and bookmarked your favourite posts for your own selection.

Pandan Pig Online

We also adore this handy ‘Pandan Power Rating’ checklist for our own use, should we want to host our very own pandan waffle comparison, based on looks, texture, taste, filling, and price. Talk about getting dirty with details!

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