First dibs: Subway’s Rendang Subs and Pandan Cookie

This year’s National Day celebration hits different. As we approach Singapore’s birth month, I’d anticipate the talk of the town to be about vaccinations and less of the grand parade. It’s been a tough, arduous year, and there’s no better than to celebrate our country with local food—and Subway Singapore is right on it, having launched its first local flavour pairing of the delicious Rendang Sub and Pandan Cookie.

Chicken Rendang Sub
Credit – Subway Singapore

To honour and express gratitude to our healthcare heroes, who are pivotal to the tiding over this steep learning curve of the past year, the first 10000 subs are distributed to staff and volunteers at vaccination centres, testing centres and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID).

Singapore’s milestone of turning another year older in this pandemic just can’t be celebrated without the people who keep us safe, and it’s only apt that the first tastes of this local offering go to them, in the form of Subway’s first large-scale community impact initiative.

Subway rendang sub and pandan cookie

Painstakingly mastered for a year and a half, the Chicken Rendang Sub (S$7.30 for a 6-inch, $12.30 for a footlong), Beef Rendang Sub (S$7.90 for a 6-inch and S$12.90 for a footlong) and Pandan Cookie’s (S$1.40 for one) presence is shortlived, though.

Launched on 21 July 2021, there’s only two months to get your hands on them before they’re gone after 28 September 2021. Pardon me for grabbing it for lunch as soon as I heard of it. We’re talking about herbaceous, aromatic and succulent rendang chicken or beef chunks, paired with crunchy and refreshing vegetables on bread. I know rendang is probably one of the star proteins in Singapore’s culinary scene in 2021, and in a classic Subway sandwich? It’s a must-try.

chicken rendang sub

I got my Chicken Rendang Sub with a slice of cheese, toasted to perfection. Actually, the ideal combination for the best burst of flavours would be with Old English cheddar cheese, together with a slew of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, and mixed pepper and onions thrown into the mix. But some weren’t available, so I had a similar iteration with lettuce and onion because we just can’t do without the crunch when it comes to Subway sandwiches.

Oh, that first bite of rendang chicken and sauce. It’s seasoned perfectly, bringing all sorts of sweetness, savouriness and a mild lingering of spice to the table. Calibrated to give room for the flavours of all its other accompaniments, the rendang isn’t overpowering, allowing the piquant onions to complement the succulent meat that I can’t get enough of.

I love Subway for its balanced meal and variety because I can pile on as many veggies as I want. And of course, the concert of tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers serve as great sandwich fillers, mixed in the trail of smokey, sweet BBQ sauce. I got to say, out of all the seasonal flavours Subway has over its long history, this is one of the best that does rendang adequate justice without making you forget what Subway sandwiches taste like.

Pandan cookie

Pair your sub with a Pandan Cookie, and you’re set for your meal. Naturally sweetened, it’s soft and chewy. Now, this is truly a great way to welcome Singapore’s 56th birthday. I know we’re all for local flavours, and trust me, Subway’s new offerings don’t disappoint.

Adding on to the fun and festivities, you can stand a chance to win an onslaught of subs in the form of Subway vouchers of S$100. Simply share Subway’s “Rendang Nation Anthem” video on their public Facebook profile, add a creative caption that will be shortlisted as the winning post, and pass the baton on to three other friends. Tag them, and don’t forget to like and follow Subway Singapore’s Facebook page.

From 21 July to 28 September 2021, Subway Singapore’s Rendang Subs and Pandan Cookie are available across all Subway restaurants islandwide and on delivery platforms GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo.

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