First dibs: Nutrisoy’s new Ondeh Ondeh Milk hit the nail right on-deh head

a collage of nutrisoy's ondeh ondeh milk

It does seem that flavoured milks are all the rage right now. I remember how FARMHOUSE’s dark chocolate milk went viral on TikTok, and now we’ve got a brand new darling to take on-deh mantle. I apologise in advance for milking the puns for all they’re worth (actually no, I’m not sorry). Enter Nutrisoy‘s brand new Ondeh Ondeh Soy Milk (S$2.45), now available at various FairPrice Finest outlets islandwide.

It definitely is the time for all fans of the coconut-coated, sphere-shaped kueh to rejoice—first, we had KFC’s ondeh-ondeh egg tarts, and now, we get to wash it all down with a creamy cup of ondeh ondeh flavoured soy milk that can be enjoyed by even those who are lactose intolerant.

a shot of nutrisoy's ondeh ondeh milk

Despite not bring the vibrant green colour we’re used to seeing when buying boxes of soft gula melaka-filled kueh, Nutrisoy’s Ondeh Ondeh milk carries a summery note of fresh pandan leaves with a distinct coconut-ty flavour. I do wish the sugary flavours of gula melaka were more pronounced, and not overshadowed by the more prominent taste of soy milk, but otherwise, it’s a refreshing drink that I look forward to repurchasing.

a hand in frame shot of nutrisoy's ondeh ondeh milk

Don’t worry about having to wait ’til your scheduled cheat day in order to indulge in this, because this pastel-green gem is vegan-friendly, low in sugar, and high in protein. It can’t really replicate the indulgent experience of biting into chewy glutinous rice flour coated with shaved coconut as smooth gula melaka melts on your tongue, but I’m definitely not complaining.

If ondeh ondeh isn’t something you’d go coco-nuts for, Nutrisoy is also available in flavours such as Oats & Quinoa (S$2.45), Fresh High Calcium Soy Milk with Almond (S$2.25), and many more.

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