First dibs: We tried the popular FARMHOUSE dark chocolate milk & here’s what we think

A wide shot of milk and cookies

I was just speaking about things that do, indeed, live up to the hype in my article about Takeshi-San‘s new menu. So today I, yet again, attempt to put more have-been hypes to the test. Perhaps you’ve heard about it from a friend, or maybe you’ve been twice tempted while falling down the rabbit hole that is TikTok at 2am when really, you should be sleeping. The FARMHOUSE Dark Chocolate Low Fat Flavoured Milk (S$3.30) is the internet’s darling, and today we explore just how deserved that title is.

A pouring shot of dark chocolate milk

If getting your hands on the often-sold-out beverage is the source of your troubles, then here’s me offering a third party opinion on whether the milk drink is worth pursuing. At first pour, the dark chocolate flavoured milk isn’t as viscous or dark in appearance as I’d expected, but you know what they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

A medium shot of FARMHOUSE milk & cookies

On the palate, it’s easy and hits in familiar waves of chocolatey goodness, except that it’s just a lot less sweet than the usual chocolate flavoured milk. And that’s a win in my books, considering how overwhelmingly sugary certain brands of flavoured milk can be.

My gripe with the beverage on a whole, though, is that it doesn’t deliver the much-anticipated, slightly bitter touch that I so long for whenever dark chocolate is mentioned. Nonetheless, it’s still a creamy treat I can get behind, and I find myself reaching for it as my nightcap these days—and this is coming from someone who hardly drinks milk in its bare form.

A close up of FARMHOUSE dark chocolate milk

The dark chocolate flavoured milk pairs nicely with cookies, or better yet, chocolate chip cookies, especially when you’re looking for a brush of sweetness to end the evening off. Not that I grew up eating milk and cookies in this very Singaporean household of mine, but the duo is as comforting as it is delicious.

In summary, I’d buy this again should the opportunity be presented, but I wouldn’t be hard-pressed to hop from supermarket to supermarket just to have it in my pantry.

FARMHOUSE Dark Chocolate Low Fat Flavoured Milk retails at S$3.30 for a 1L pack, and S$2.50 for a 490ml pack at most supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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