First dibs: Sugar Toast bundles with Oatly and new Kaya Pandan Cheese flavour

I fell in love with Sugar Toast the first time it came to Singapore. These thick, airy, and rich slices of toast are nothing like what we have in Singapore. Not to mention, seeing that they are sold out most of the time, Sugar Toast is clearly on to something.

For the uninitiated in the ways of Sugar Toast, these loaves are different. They take a left turn from traditional breadmaking by twisting the bread a la croissants style and pounded 200 times for maximum fluffiness. Plus, they are baked in these neat little squares, which soothes my OCD heart so.

Oatly bundle
Credit – Sugar Toast

Well, a collaboration that we didn’t ask for but we need. Here, Sugar Toast has partnered up with Oatly Oat Milk to offer their new ready-to-drink packaging to pair with their delicious toasts! There are two different bundles, Bundle #1 (S$13.50) comes with 1 toast and an Oatly drink carton. At the same time, Bundle #2 (S$16) comes with two Oatly drinks because we can all share some of Oatly’s goodness. Oatly Oat Milk comes in two flavours, Enrich and Chocolate, so have your pick at what you like best.

Like J.Lo and Ben Affleck, this was a combination that we didn’t know we needed. Not so much old flames like J.Lo and Ben, but a Sugar Toast and Oatly combination still burns as bright as the two of them.

Sugar Toast 2

Since our Nation’s birthday is around the corner, Sugar Toast has also come up with an exclusive flavour that is sure to feel extra patriotic. Presenting the Kaya Pandan Cheese (S$10.90), a loaf that hearkens those sepia-toned school days where recess is the highlight of the day.

Sugar Toast 1

This one comes with meandering green swirls interspersed with savoury cheese bits that cut through all that sweetness. While the pandan flavour is not fragrant as one would expect, I think this works in Sugar Toast’s favour. After all, as much as I love pandan, you don’t want to be assaulted by those fragrant leaves. The kaya is subtle and sweet; it seems like this slice hits the trifecta of old-school flavours.

Indeed, this toast does tap into that nostalgia of those HDB bakeries that one frequents on walks after a long day at school. Of course, Sugar Toast manages to capture these flavours without being too maudlin and balancing those strong elements. If you’ve never had Sugar Toast, I urge you to give them a try. Then, you’ll know why there are snaking queues come bake times.

This flavour is available come August 2021, so do keep your eyes peeled for a slice of nostalgia.

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Sugar Toast

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Sugar Toast

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Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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