Tennent’s Whisky Beer: New Craft Beer in Singapore

“Whisky Beer”

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Glasgow’s Wellpark Brewery has launched a new premium craft beer, Tennent’s Beer Aged with Whisky Oak, in Singapore.

Brewing has taken place in Wellbank on the banks of the Molendinar Burn in Scotland since the 12th century where the monks of Glasgow Cathedral brewed for the public. The Tennent family has staked its claimed of the mantle of Scotland’s oldest and largest brewery having been in the brewing business since 1556.

The current Wellpark Brewery was established in 1740 by Hugh and Robert Tennent as Scotland’s first ‘publick’ brewing firm and is currently owned by C&C Group plc. The first recorded export of Tennent’s beer took place in 1797 bound for expatriate Scots in the Americas. By the 1840s, it was the largest exporter of bottled beer in the world. In 1885, the brewery started production of its flagship pilsner lager – Tennent’s Lager.


Tennent’s Beer Aged with Whisky Oak is the culmination of four hop varieties – Zeus, Summit, Tettnang and Aurora. It is brewed using a complex recipe of three types of locally sourced Scottish malt and the pure waters of Loch Katrine.

The entire brewing and fermentation takes at least three weeks – the brew undergoes a five day fermentation process using Tennent’s yeast before being oak aged with whisky infused toasted oak chips for four days. Thereafter it undergoes cold ageing maturation minus 1 degree celsius for a further ten days to allow the oak, vanilla and whisky flavours imparted during the ageing process continue to mature before being filtered and packaged.

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Tennent’s Beer Aged with Whisky Oak is an approachable but undeniably complex beer. The honey coloured liquid has a hint of fruity aromas and it carries a manifold of flavours – woody & vanilla. The medium bodied brew is slightly sweet with a clear bitterness and some after-bitterness and astringency. Due to it’s 6% alcohol content, it has a slight warming effect on the palate which is a good accompaniment with spicy curries and heavy hearty stews.

Tennent’s Beer Aged with Whisky Oak will be available in Singapore at discerning bars and outlets like:

  • The PAPA Shop
  • Cook & Brew Westin Singapore
  • The Study