The Affogato Bar: Get Your Coffee & Dessert Fix With Fancy Affogatos In Cluny Court

What is a dessert that you wouldn’t mind drinking? For me, I absolutely love tiramisu, and the closest liquid form of that is affogato.

It’s a dessert that doesn’t really take much to create, given that it’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting in a hot bath of an espresso shot. But there is a place, that takes this very basic dessert to the next level, and that is The Affogato Bar.

The Affogato Bar 9

Positioned as a cosy space in Cluny Court, The Affogato Bar serves up one-of-a-kind renditions of the classic Italian dessert. Think caked up versions with sorbets instead of ice cream and even homemade cream cheese!

It’s also good to note that every affogato dessert here is served with two shots, so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling really hyper when leaving the place. I won’t dally any further; let’s just allow the dishes to do the place justice.

The Affogato Bar

I can empathise with those who love an honest cup of chai latte and get disappointed every time someone recommends them a spot, only to be utterly let down. Well, if you’re open to having your chai with a twist, the Bittersweet Symphony ($6/$7) is a unique blend of dark cocoa, vanilla chai and espresso. The texture was velvety smooth, rich and creamy. The chai‘s spicy kick came in mid-sip, so I got to enjoy the bittersweetness of the cocoa and espresso first.

It’s only very mildly sweet, so everything was in great balance. I’ve never had anything like this before, and even for those who strictly stick to the original should give this one a shot.

The Affogato Bar 2

The first face-lifted affogato I had was the Carota Carota ($13.90). This one has carrot cake ice cream, carrot cake, chopped walnuts, homemade cream cheese, topped with Mocharoma. I tried a scoop of it sans the espresso shot first, just to get a sense of what it was, and I must say, it was a really delicious mix of creamy, spongy and nutty.

The Affogato Bar 3

When that black gold liquid was mixed in, it elevated the dessert with an acidity that really balanced out the heaviness from the cream. The Mocharoma espresso’s bitterness also gave the dessert a more robust flavour profile to give the sweet ice cream some much-needed character.

The Affogato Bar 4

Looking too pretty to eat, their La Opera ($15.90) is a dark espresso ice cream, chocolate ganache, almond jaconde sponge, coffee buttercream, topped with Prima Tazza.

Prima Tazza is known to be a rich, smooth and flamboyant coffee blend, so it was no surprise that this dessert was all about decadence. If you’re overly sensitive to caffeine, you might want to avoid this one.

The Affogato Bar 5

I dug through all the layers once I poured the espresso shot, and everything tasted very luxurious. On the palate, the bitterness gradually gave way to a sweet, rich ganache base and was very close to the original affogato, save for the extra indulgence found in the dark espresso ice cream, ganache and coffee buttercream.

The Affogato Bar 6

Our final dessert is a new introduction to The Affogato Bar’s menu. Wanting to push the boundaries of ice cream and beverage pairing in a cup, they now also serve beer floats!

No more non-alcoholic nonsense of root beer and ice cream in a mug — the drink for grown-ups have arrived. I was fortunate to be allowed to have a taste of one of their creations, the Lindemans Apple Beer Float ($12.90).

The Affogato Bar 8

The rum & raisin ice cream and apple cider were individually really good, but more surprisingly, when put together, it tasted really odd. I couldn’t tell if the combination of the bubbly and the creamy were the issue or it was flavour profile clash.

Either way, I would recommend allowing the ice cream to melt into the drink first before drinking it. This way, it tasted more like a very creamy champagne drink, which I could live with.

Besides sweet things, they also have bagel sandwiches, DIY salads and focaccia, which look really tempting, making this cosy place a great lunch stop. It also holds claim to being Asia’s first affogato bar, and with that, it sure is making a decent headway into setting the tone for exceptional affogato variations.

If you’re into coffee, dessert or both, then The Affogato Bar is a place that’ll keep you very happy.

Expected damage: $10 – $20 per pax

The Affogato Bar: 501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court, #01-04B, Singapore 259760 | Tel: +65 9238 9005 | Opening hours: (Daily) 8am – 11pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram