The Bento People: Customise Your Own Bento Set & Learn About Portion Control At This Cafe In Kallang

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What does ‘healthy’ mean to you? Here at The Bento People, it means getting the right portions of food on your plate. The owner of this cafe is affectionately known by his customers as Doc, and yes, he is actually a certified doctor.

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Located within CT Hub right next to Bendemeer MRT station, it can be easy to overlook this quiet and unassuming cafe. At The Bento People, each meal comes in a bento box with three compartments. Doc believes that this helps diners become more aware of the proportions they are eating.

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I tried four of the more popular bento sets. Each set comes with three compartments, and you can choose three or more different types of foods to fill up your bento box.

Because you can pick and choose, the possibilities are endless! Any three items in your bento box start from $9.80, while any four items start from $11.80.

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The first set was a combination of Chicken Breast, Mushrooms & Thai Tom Yum Daikon Noodles ($13.80). You can also choose to have the Daikon Noodles in Thai Green Curry.

Doc came up with the idea for these spiralised radish “noodles” as a substitute for regular noodles, which tend to have a higher glycemic index.

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The Daikon Noodles were crunchier and more refreshing, with a tangy and spicy flavour from the tom yum. It didn’t make me feel as bloated too! I liked the Mushrooms, which came with black fungus as well. The woodsy flavour helped to ground the other two sourer ingredients.

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The Chicken Breast came with Mexican Tomato Salsa, and the meat was soft and tender. I liked how the salsa brightened the dish with the sour tomato and piquant onion bits. If you want something that’s creamier, you can choose the Greek Yoghurt topping.

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I also tried a trio of Monkey Head Mushroom Masala, Zoodles with Italian Neapolitan Tomato Sauce & Quinoa ($14.80).

If you haven’t heard of zoodles, they’re spiralised zucchini which look like noodles. I preferred the Daikon Noodles over this, because the spiralised zucchini tasted a little too raw and ‘green’ to me.

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The Quinoa came with almonds and edamame beans, which added some crunch and protein to this healthy portion of carbs.

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I especially liked the Monkey Head Mushroom Masala. These plump and juicy mushrooms have a meat-like texture and are often used as meat substitutes in vegetarian or vegan cooking.

I loved how the mushrooms soaked up the masala sauce, which made each bite burst with spicy and sweet flavours.

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Another set that I tried was the Bulgogi Beef + Tofu, Broccoli & Brown Rice ($9.80). I loved the fresh and clean taste of the broccoli, especially since it was steamed with wolfberries.

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I liked the combination of Bulgogi Beef and Tofu too. The thin slices of beef went well with the silken-smooth tofu. The beef was rather lean, and slightly sweet with a lingering meaty flavour. If you’re on a budget but still want to have healthier food, this bento set is perfect for you.

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The last combination I tried was my favourite. The Salmon Confit, Cauliflower in Green Curry & Quinoa ‘Fried Rice’ ($15.80) showed that healthy food in moderate portions can be absolutely delicious too!

The sashimi-grade salmon was served medium-rare, though you can also opt for well-done. The medium-rare Salmon Confit had a pinkish centre and slightly charred skin. Each bite was the perfect combination of super soft salmon chunks that fell apart in my mouth, and slightly crispy skin.

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We always think of quinoa as a boring health food, but the Quinoa ‘Fried Rice’ certainly challenged this! The quinoa was actually quite flavourful, with a subtle wok hei taste.

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I enjoyed the Cauliflower in Green Curry tremendously. Cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables, and it got an upgrade in this dish. The green curry added a sweet and spicy fragrance to the dish, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

If you’re sick of all those “superfood” fads and you’re looking for a more sustainable healthy lifestyle, why not pop by The Bento People? Let Doc share his passion for eating right and living right, as you enjoy a delicious healthy bento set!

Expected Damage: $10 – $20 per pax

The Bento People: 2 Kallang Avenue, #02-17, CT Hub, Singapore 339407 | Tel: +65 6443 2006 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3pm (Lunch, Mon to Sat), 5.30pm – 8.30pm (Dinner, Mon to Fri) | Facebook | Website