The Daily Roundup: Bringing Authentic Savoury French Crepes to Singapore

Bringing a piece of France home.


The little stretch connecting Outram to Tanjong Pagar is getting more hip with each passing day. Quirky and cool restaurants are popping up, collaborative creative working spaces are set up and cute cafe joints are sprouting well.


The Daily Roundup is one such cafe that is nestled in The Working Capitol, a co-working space for events and many more. I know, people are rather fazed by the idea of cafes right now, with the fad albeit dying.

But let’s not be too quick to pass a judgement because the good people at The Working Capitol and Lo & Behold have specially curated a menu that offers up something that most cafes don’t – French crepes.

The Daily Roundup prides themselves on bringing authentic French galettes and crepes that are skilfully crafted, immensely light yet satisfying.


The Daily Roundup’s interior boasts an industrial meets pastel sort, marrying chic and sweet to give a welcoming vibe. They even had their coffee machine painted a nice pastel teal to complement the whole concept. I was definitely impressed by that, and way too excited for my own good because I started snapping pictures at almost everything.


Every nitty gritty detail has been taken care of, right from the flour to the butter used. The Daily Roundup imports their flour and butter from Brittany, France, with the artisanal homemade butter from Jean-Yves Bordier, combining them both to bring forth authentic French savoury galettes and crepes.

Crepes aren’t the only thing in store stealing the limelight, The Daily Roundup stocks beans from our very own Papa Palheta and they also serve in-house spritzers that are light, refreshing and perfect for anytime of the day.

Piccolo Latte – Papa Palheta Pay-It-Forward blend ($5). The piccolo has a well balanced ratio of milk to froth to coffee, making the entire coffee a good cuppa joe that is luscious and invigorating for a caffeine monster like myself.
Nashii Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer ($14), Orange Aperol Spritzer ($14),Watermelon Prosecco Spritzer ($14). As mentioned earlier, these spritzers are appropriate for any time of the day, except for when you’re a wet blanket.
The nashi pear spritzer is light and refreshing, with a hint of mellow sweetness. The watermelon spritzer is freshening with a subtle bitter aftertaste. The orange spritzer was surprisingly well-balanced because I’ve had pretty bad experiences with aperol in Italy.
 Out of the lot, the orange spritzer is definitely the sweeter one, so I’d recommend that for anyone that is looking for a more intense drink. I can’t really decide which do I prefer more, because there’s always a mood for a certain taste profile. But if you’re holding me at gun point, I’d give my heart to the Nashii Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer.
Complète Chorizo ($16). A savoury galette that contains Iberico Chorizo, French Comte Cheese and a sunny side up egg embellished right in the middle.
Remember what I said about them being really thoughtful? For the base of their savoury galettes, they use buckwheat flour that gives a slight sour taste to this savoury base that is amazing even on its own.
It definitely pairs well with savoury ingredients and in this case, the iberico chorizo, cheese and egg. These trio are ingredients that will never disappoint and when paired with the slightly burnt galette, which is done to mimic the authentic galette, gives a well-rounded galette that is full on flavour, yet not too artery clogging.
Burrata ($18). Another savoury galette on their menu that is topped with Fresh Italian Burrata, Cherry Vine Tomatoes, Arugula Salad and Homemade Pesto. The soft and creamy burrata overflows when sliced, revealing all the milky goodness it holds. Pairing with the homemade pesto, it gives a luscious flavour with aromatic nutty hints.
The cherry tomatoes lends a slight zest and tang while the arugula salad gives extra texture and a slight bitter flavour that helps to balance the whole galette. And when you do finish the galette, it doesn’t feel like an overload of decadence.
Yuzu Butter ($12). A sweet crepe that has the more familiar crepe base we know of, they have infused the artisanal Bordier butter with their own yuzu, lathering it atop the chewy and thin crepe that is basted with the right amount of sugar. It is tangy, sweet and rather light, and I’m definitely sold on this one. I’d recommend having this, no matter how full.
Hazelnut ($12) with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ($4). The Daily Roundup understands the sincerity in home-made foods and makes it a point to create most of their stuff in-house, like the hazelnut sauce drizzled all over this crepe. It is lighter than nutella, but not discounting on the sweetness and flavour.
They’re also the first to bring in Kapiti’s ice cream, a New Zealand brand that is known for their gourmet cheese, ice cream and other dairy products. All of which, comes together nicely to form a crepe that is saccharine yet not overpowering, leaving me with a good dose of happiness and not bloatedness.
Salted Caramel ($12) with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ($4). Just like the hazelnut sauce, the caramel sauce is made in house with grated tonka beans and it is their signature sauce here at The Daily Roundup. The crepe base balances the sweetness and combines well to give a richly luscious dessert crepe.
The Daily Roundup definitely did crepes justice by bringing an authentic french experience in store. The flavours blend well together, every single ingredient is well thought out and the interior is aesthetically pleasing.
But do remember as crepes are not all that filling, I’d recommend going there for tea or a light breakfast. Or if you are looking for simple break. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely head down to The Daily Roundup again.
Expected Damage: $25 – $35 per pax

The Daily Roundup: The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Road #01-02, Singapore 089109 | Tel: +65 6338 8035 | Website