Deck your little ones in these very Singaporean, customisable gem biscuit rompers

With the recent Mothers’ Day that’s just passed, we celebrated moms in all forms and ages, so now it’s time to honour the little ones with downright adorable customisable rompers and tees from The Little Fluff. The Little Fluff is a local online store that features designs that are hand-drawn in Singapore which are also digitally printed on 100% cotton rompers. So, you can be assured that your child’s supple skin is safe and irritant-free in these more-than-comfortable get-ups.

Customised Gem Biscuit T-shirt

The Gem Biscuit Series (S$28 each) come in two collections; the Alphabet Gems, which feature tiny gem biscuits that make up individual alphabets, as well as the Classic Gems that present a single gem biscuit in soft pastel shades like Azure Blue, Dusty Pink, Milky Chocolate, and my personal favourite, Sage Green.

Based on the images featured on The Little Fluff’s Instagram page, it appears that the customised text or name sits just underneath the hero artwork on each romper—just the right amount of subtlety while still making the onesie uniquely your child’s.

A matching pair of T-shirts

As it seems, matching adult tees are even available from The Little Fluff upon request, and the special order here features an adorable half-bitten ondeh ondeh cookie on the left upper of each piece. It’s truly the perfect way to twin with your tiny one without crossing the line of cringey. Better yet, have pieces made for the whole family and knock yourselves out with a photo shoot to show off your team spirit.

A pair of customised rompers from The Little Fluff

An Animals (S$28 each) collection is also available, albeit only featuring a couple of ox prints currently. For all customisation orders, choose from three fun cursive fonts for your text, and five different sizes that are the most befitting for your little one.

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