Order Live Seafood From The Ocean Mart & Have It Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep

As we approach the holiday season, there’s always an insane number of steamboat and barbecue gatherings. It’s a hassle to buy the ingredients, so I’m always in search of places that can deliver quality ingredients to me. With The Ocean Mart, you can get live seafood delivery right to your doorstep.

Ocean Mart 2

The Ocean Mart is a sub-brand of Allswell Marketing, a seafood wholesaler. A veteran in the industry, Allswell Marketing has worked with JUMBO seafood, Crystal Jade and many more. You can bet that their seafood quality is definitely top-notch!

Ocean Mart 5

Working as a local seafood distributor, they realised that it can be challenging for consumers to find quality seafood and even more challenging for customers to have live seafood delivered to them.

The Ocean Mart wants to provide high quality live, chilled and frozen seafood — all without the need for consumers to head down to the wet market in the early hours of the day.

Ocean Mart 3

All you need to do is to simply place an order online, and they will have it delivered right to your home. Whether it is for a party, feast or even just a simple home-cooked meal, they’ve got you covered.

If you’re feeling squeamish about preparing the live seafood, fret not, because The Ocean Mart can cut and clean them up for you.

Head on over to their website to check out the wide range of seafood! With the holiday season coming up, I’ll definitely be ordering from them to make my life easier for hosted gatherings.

Prices: Around S$35 per pax