The worst-rated series – What it is & what it is not

On 6 Mar 2023, our writer reviewed Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee as part of our Worst-Rated series.’s ‘worst-rated’ series is based on existing online Google reviews that have garnered a sizeable rating from the general public. We then head down to attempt to verify whether the low public ratings given is justified. Most stalls are already experiencing low business volume due to these public Google ratings present. We’ve had outcomes where we concur, and also situations we disagree with the poor ratings and defend the stall with the intention to improve their online presence.

After the article was published, online comments were split into 2 camps, with some readers commenting that they’ve tried it before and found it terrible, with some throwing it away, while others disagreed with the article as it would inadvertently affect the hawker’s business.

A week after, on 14 Mar 2023, an Instagram user (@free.the.umami) sent an Instagram DM to both the account, as well as the writer’s personal and private Instagram. In his messages, he called us “keyboard warriors” and said that our article was “unfair and horrible”. Shortly after, he posted a public Instagram story tagging the publication as well as the writer’s private Instagram.

This is our response:

As with any review we do, our aim is highlight the positives as well as give constructive feedback on any negative aspects. In no way do we ‘put down’ any stall other than respectfully recommend what can be improved. We usually inform the chef / owner as well about our feedback and hope that they use it to improve their craft – whether they take the advice or not is their choice.

Overall, aims to engage and lift up the Singapore f&b industry, by presenting a holistic view from all angles, rather than just sweep issues under the rug.

The public may or may not agree with us, and that is perfectly fine since everyone has their own opinion and are free to express it, as are our writers. Writers at are encouraged to give honest opinion rather than sugarcoating things. We thank everyone that appreciates our straightforward writing and we dutifully stand behind our writers and their work which evidently comes with a lot of potential to offend.

On this particular situation, I think it’s ironic that Instagram user @free.the.umami is calling our publication a ‘cyber bully’, while simultaneously using an anonymous nickname with no clear identity to call out our writer by tagging her personal Instagram account publicly. What does that make him then?

End of the day, we urge the public to give the lor mee stall a try themselves, and make their own judgement on its quality. If Michelin and chef Marion likes it, perhaps you will too. It’s just not for us.

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