Thorny Temptations At Lime: The Sambal Durian Will Take Your Love Of The King Of Fruits To The Next Level At PARKROYAL On Pickering

You’re in luck if you’re a huge fan of durians – from 7 July to 2 September 2017, Lime will be filled with the scent of the King of Fruits with its Thorny Temptations dinner buffet.

The wide spread of durian-centric dishes is an add on to the long list of things that the restaurant does so well.

With around 15 durian-infused dishes added to the regular dinner buffet spread, I was in heaven. I started off with the Durian Ravioli with Sage And Garlic Butter, essentially, a filling of pureed durian encased in a crisp, deep-fried pastry shell.

Resembling a curry puff, the thin shell and the delicious, creamy, bittersweet durian inside is a great starter to go for.

I’m a bit on the fence about the Foie Gras Torchon with Torched Meringue. The bottom layer of foie gras was gamy enough to help to cut through the creaminess of the durian, while the torched meringue and beetroot slices on top added freshness and sweetness.

Though it was an extremely bold dish, it left my taste buds confused and I wasn’t sure if the elements went well together.

I loved the Wok-Fried Prawn and Petai with Sambal Durian. There was a good level of spiciness, and the prawns were crunchy and fresh with a hint of sweetness from the durian.

The Butter Durian Prawn with Curry Leaves and Chilli Padi was also a hit, with a nice creaminess from the durian that didn’t overpower the taste of the prawn. I liked that the edges were crispy from frying, which added a nice crunch. However, I thought that the curry leaves could have been fried a little longer to add more fragrance to the dish.

I love prata and durian, so I definitely had to try the Durian Prata. Encased within a chewy piece of prata, the durian filling was creamy and bittersweet, contrasting well against the saltiness of the prata and the richness of the gula melaka drizzled over the entire dish.

I visited Lime with really high expectations for its durian desserts, and the Deep-Fried Durian Ice Cream did not disappoint at all.

Starting with the breading on the ice cream, the use of cornflakes gave the dish a satisfying crunch and minimised the risk of the breading turning soggy when the ice cream melts. The durian ice cream within was sweet and creamy and went nicely with the drizzled honey.

The Mini Durian Crumble was an interesting twist from the usual apple filling. The buttery shell hides a solid filling, but I would have preferred if it was stronger in taste.

Saving the best for last, we headed to the outdoor sitting area for free-flow durians. Mimicking a typical roadside durian stall, you’ll find D24 and Mao Shan Wang durians piled high in a stand.

We had the Mao Shan Wang, and it was deliciously rich and creamy with a bittersweet taste. The durians were cracked in front of us and served nicely on a platter! An atas way of enjoying the fruit.

Hand sanitiser, gloves and wet tissues were provided as well, and I was glad that I went home without traces of the durian smell on my fingers.

If you’re a durian lover, let nothing hold you back from coming down to Lime for its Thorny Temptations buffet. With prices starting at $88 for adults, this is a one-of-a-kind dinner buffet experience.

Expected damage: $88 per adult, $58 per child

Lime Restaurant: PARKROYAL On Pickering, 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289 | Tel: +65 68098899 | Website | Facebook | Opening hours