Tiffin Room (Raffles Hotel): Singapore Food Review

“Colonial North Indian cuisine”

Tiffin Room - logo Raffles Hotel’s main dining room was officially named the Tiffin Room since 1976. The aesthetically iconic silverware was inspired from tiffin carriers – aluminum lunch boxes used widely in India. The white-washed walls, high ceilings and wooden fans exudes a calm, charming colonial oasis. Tiffin Room - interior Also open to non-hotel guests, the buffet breakfast ($45++) and lunch buffet ($60++) houses a wide range of North Indian specialties from starters, mains to dessert. They rotate their menu regularly, allowing their diners to experience a large variety of traditional as well as dishes with a modern twist. Tiffin Room - buffet At the salad section, they have classic mixed greens with various condiments you could choose from. Most of the condiments are on the sweeter side with a tinge of spice, like Papaya Relish (Raw Papaya Cooked with Sugar, Onion Seed and Whole Red Chilli) or Coconut Chutney (Fresh Coconut with Green Chilli, Mustard Seed and Curry Leaf). They have savoury selections like Aloo Anar Chaat (Potato with Pomegranate Fruit and Mango Powder) and my personal favourite from this section, Jhinga Coconut Ka Salad (Prawns with Coconut and Spices). There are interesting yoghurt-infused dishes for appetizers like Dahi Kebab (Deep Fried Yoghurt Dumpling Stuffed with Nuts and Spices). Tiffin Room - curry They serve a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. The dishes are labelled with the type of ingredient used, which gives you a slight idea of how each curry will taste like – whether you like it with strong with Indian spices, something more buttery or tangy. Tiffin Room - lamb curry

Their Murgh Biryani (Basmati Rice cooked with Chicken, Salad and Mints) is very light on the palate which goes very well with the heavy curry flavour especially the non-vegetarian curries with large flavourful chunks of meat. tiffin room - naan Pair these freshly made naans (Plain or Cheese) with their vegetarian curries like Dal Makhani (Overnight Cooked Black Lentil Cooked with Tomato Butter and Cooking Cream). The naans are not too tough on the teeth and the quality cheddar cheese used makes it great even on its own. The Peshawari naans (Raisins and Pistachios) is on the sweeter side which reminds me of a dried fruit Christmas cookie. Tiffin Room - dessert Most of their traditional desserts like Gulab Jamun (Fried Milk Dumpling with Saffron Sugar Syrup) are too sweet for my liking – but authentic to how Indians like their sweets to be. Rice milk pudding Kesari Phirni however, is pleasantly light and smooth. Tiffin Room - fruits

North Indian cuisine are generally heavy on the palate because of their complex dishes. Fresh seasonal fruits are also provided to freshen up your taste buds. Overall, it is a elaborate buffet experience that will be enjoyed by tourists and Singaporean residents alike. No lack from a 5 star hotel – service is lovely, the waiters and waitresses are very attentive and polite. Tiffin Room certainly offers a moderately lavish appreciation for North Indian cuisine.

Tiffin Room’s buffet lunch is from 12pm to 2pm, and buffet dinner from 7pm to 10pm. During high tea, the menu switches to a more international spread that has rotating dishes.

Expected damage: $52 – $71/pax

Tiffin Room: 1 Beach Rd, Raffles Hotel, Singapore 189673 | Tel: 6412 1816 | Website