Toasties: Rolling Out Tasty Halal Subs In The Heartlands Of Our Tampines Hub

Toasties Exterior

Nestled on the ground floor of Our Tampines Hub is the cosy Toasties. This halal-certified sandwich joint is the first of its rebranded outlets since 2016, and is one of the first to pioneer halal subs in Singapore.

Toasties Interior

The vibe of the place is industrial chic, with concrete grey walls and bright lighting. My dining partner and I arrived after the lunchtime crowd, and got the option to choose between the high chair booth seats or the regular tables.

Toasties Lemonade Lemontea

We cooled off with two of Toasties’ signature homemade drinks: Ice Shaken Sparkling Lemonade ($2.40) and Ice Shaken Lemon Tea ($2.40). The latter was my personal favourite out of the two drinks, as it had a strong citrus flavour that opened my appetite for the meal ahead of us.

The sparkling lemonade was zesty and refreshing, but was relatively milder and reminded me of Perrier lemon water. Just a touch more of sugar syrup would have made it more palatable.

Toasties Mexicanbeefsandwich

The Mexican Pulled Beef ($8.90) was made with 13-hour baked beef brisket, filled with lots of lettuce, bell peppers, sweet corn kernels and cheese. The beef was extremely tender and well-seasoned, and I love how the crunchy vegetables contrasted the salty meat with its natural sweetness.

The sub was also served with a side of Cajun Fries ($2.90), which were extremely crunchy and addictive, especially with the spicy Cajun seasoning; definitely unlike french fries that you’ll get at regular fast food franchise.

Toasties Chipotlechickensandwich

For those who like their subs with some heat, go for the Chipotle Chicken ($8.90). This spicy sub consisted of a generous helping of smoky chipotle chicken, lettuce, coleslaw and onions.

This was the spiciest sandwich out of the three, but I loved how the chipotle flavour packed on the heat while the juicy vegetable helped balanced it out.

Toasties Satayfyingsandwich

Toasties’ newest seasonal sub, the Satay-fying Sandwich ($8.90) was the hands-down our favourite. Chunks of char-grilled chicken, smothered in chunky peanut sauce, paired with crispy onion and thick cucumber slices. This sandwich was truly satay-fying indeed, as the sandwich accurately captured the familiar flavours of chicken satay.

It also came with a side of Rosemary Garlic Fries ($2.90), which were still piping hot out of the fryer when it arrived at our table. The herbs added an aromatic fragrance to the crispy fries and tasted good even after they had cooled down.

The hearty subs at Toasties will not only appeal to our Muslim friends, but also, those who love a kick of spice in their food. Situated in the heart of a sporting complex, this is a great place to grab a bite after a swim or gymming session.

They also have customisable salads for those who want something apart from sandwiches. Don’t miss out on them.

Expected Damage: $8.90 – $14.50 per pax

Toasties: Our Tampines Hub, #01-85, 51 Tampines Ave 4 Singapore 520940 | Tel: 6386 7243 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Website

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