Top 10 Culinary Vacations in Mexico

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Discover Mexico through its incredible flavours and traditions with the top ten culinary trips designed for food lovers and gourmands by top chefs and exclusive cooking classes introducing to one of the tastiest cultures in the world.

Check out the top 10 culinary vacations collated just for you from to tantalise your taste buds and fire your imagination. Let’s start with a trip to Riviera Maya.

10. Cooking and Culinary Trip in Riviera Maya, Mexico

The trip includes 2 days of cooking classes where you explore Mayan cuisine. Learn how to cook 16 Mexican dishes and enjoy what you’ve made with the other guests.

4 nights accommodation in Valladolid. Valladolid is in the middle of the Riviera Maya jungle, where you will find a beautiful Mexican casita, surrounded by ancient trees, enchanting birds, and the peacefulness of sacred land; and only 5 minutes away from Puerto Morelos.

9. A Culinary Vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The trip to Playa del Carmen includes 2 nights accommodation and 2 days of cooking with an experienced chef who will teach you to make an exquisite Mexican dinner. The package consists of breakfast, lunch, and welcome dinner.

You will learn how to make 16 different dishes. This retreat will take place in Playa del Carmen, a delightful resort on the beach in Mexico.

8. A Mexican Home Cooking Holiday in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Highlights include 5 cooking classes where you will learn traditional Puebla cuisine and how to make a mean margarita. The trip includes 6 nights accommodation, including all meals.

The lovely host will welcome you with a cocktail and give you some recipes and souvenirs to take with you. A trip you’ll never forget.

The City of Tlaxcala is located in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes – Popocatepetl, Ixtaccihuatl and La Malinche. The resort is a two-hour drive from Mexico City and 45 minutes from the Puebla airport. Make sure you take a tour of the city by tram ride. The tram is the main form of transport for the citizens of Tlaxcala, and it’s by far the best way to get around.

7.  Cooking and Food Vacation For 9 Days in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico

This trip gives you the chance to learn from top Oaxacan chefs, who will prepare with you the best Oaxacan dishes. Included in this trip is a tour of Hierve el Agua and a visit to Oaxaca city with all its old colonial charm, and the colourful food market at Tlacolula.

Including 8 nights of accommodation, this trip is a complete immersion into Mexican culture. The accommodation is handpicked to incorporate features that show off Oaxacan daily life and give an authentic and luxurious experience.

6. Culinary Yoga Holiday in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

We are mixing things up slightly. What about cooking and yoga? Maybe not at the same time though. The vacation break is a retreat in the beautiful mountain state of Guanajuato. You will be given cooking lessons and treated to wonderful day trips around the region.

5. ‘Layer by Layer’ Culinary Holiday in Mexico City

On this six-day excursion in and around Mexico City, you’ll experience Mexico’s City’s identity. Eating street food by the Diego Rivera mural and enjoying influences from the Aztec with refreshing brews; or making a Colonial-era mole recipe, and shopping for produce in the pre-Hispanic floating farms.

Your focus in this trip will be food and the people who make it; but in your itinerary will include history, architecture, art, landscape, street life and agriculture, along with some popular culture for good measure.

4. ‘Day of the Dead’ 8 Day Culinary Vacation in Tepoztlan, Morelos

Eight days in the company of the dead might be too much to handle. But the trip sounds fascinating. On this trip, you will prepare delicious traditional Mexican dishes typical of Tepoztlan and celebrate those who have passed to the other side. Only for the morbid, I feel.

Included are four hands-on cooking classes and a trip to the farmer’s market and tortilla mill. Other shopping trips arranged to see traditional wool waving with women’s co-op, and opportunities for an excursion to see the Day of the Dead bread made and ready to eat.

3. An 8 Day Harvest Season Cooking Vacation in Tepoztlan, Morelos

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The trip promises to take you back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures in one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Morelos. You can hear the church bells ring as you take a stroll through the ancient streets. We think you will agree the imagery sounds lovely.

2. 8 Day Cooking Vacation with World Class Chefs in Riviera Maya

According to the website, you will be taught by top chefs who will take you on a food tour. The area is surrounded by sandy beaches and also jungle terrain. This is a beginner culinary trip, more fun than real cooking.

If all that cooking has worn you out why not try a relaxing break at Hacienda De San Antonio, where the chef will cook for you, and you don’t have to help.

1. Hacienda De San Antonio

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Visit Hacienda De San Antonio nestled in the foothills of Volcán de Colima. The house sits in a tropical paradise of lush gardens surrounded by acres of unspoilt nature. This Hacienda has 25-suites and offers opportunities for outdoor activities, including horse riding and climbing.

Built-in the late 19th century and once the home of the Vogel family, Hacienda De San Antonio sits on an old coffee plantation. Bought in the 1980s by Sir James Goldsmith who spent ten years restoring the property with his daughter, Alix Marcaccini, along with an interior designer. Together they have blended the spirit and tradition of a grand Mexican hacienda manor house with the benefits of a first-class resort.