Tsu & Nami (JW Marriott): Bangkok Buffet Review

Fresh and filling Japanese themed brunch in Bangkok

Tsu Nami Brunch - crab legs

Tsu Nami Brunch - interior

Tucked inside the lower level of the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, every Sunday morning Tsu Japanese Restaurant (sushi) and Nami (teppanyaki) combine forces for the ultimate Japanese dining experience – the Tsu Nami Sunday Brunch Buffet.

Tsu Nami Brunch - Tsu Bar

In the middle of the two restaurants is the Tsu Bar which serves up brightly colored fresh juice on Sunday (kiwi, orange or fruit punch), Asahi draft beer, sparkling wine, house red and white wine as well as an array of sake to the tune of a live DJ mixing the beats. The Sunday brunch has both a standard and free-flow alcohol option depending on your mood – and budget.

Tsu Nami Brunch - interior

The Japanese theme is strong (but not cheesy) throughout both spaces and seen within the decor, the ladies dressed in traditional kimonos and the overall vibe.

Tsu Nami Brunch - interior

The restaurant has plenty of seating and is open and well-lit considering it is located on the lower level of the hotel. The tables are large and encourage guests to sit back and relax while spending a few hours grazing the buffet.

Tsu Nami Brunch - sushi bar

The first thing to catch your eye when talking into Tsu Nami is the impressive spread of impeccably made sushi, sashimi and rolls maned by a small army of sushi chefs who are at attention and ready.

Tsu Nami Brunch - sashimi

We were lucky enough to try the chef’s selection of tuna, salmon, crab, prawn and squid sashimi to get us started. All of the selections of fish were extremely fresh and well presented.

Tsu Nami Brunch - sushi rolls

The handcrafted sushi rolls were also top notch. The variety and quality of the cuts of fish and taste were very enjoyable. The flavors and ingredients were a nice blend of classic combinations with slight contemporary touch.

Tsu Nami Brunch - oysters

Never one to pass up the oyster bar at brunch, the oysters at Tsu Nami were served both original and with a twist. One expects a little twist here and there at a brunch that includes both free-flow alcohol and a live DJ.

I could have stopped here and had an enjoyable, filling meal.

Tsu Nami Brunch - Alaskan king crab legs

Once you get past the sushi and Alaskan king crab and oysters, you’ll find the meat of the brunch menu (no pun intended), at the Teppanyaki stations. One after another in small kitchens areas, each grilling up a different dish on the spot, fills up the space. Each counter is actively cooking, filling the area with strong aromas, ready to curb your cravings.

Tsu Nami Brunch - pork and chicken teppanyaki

Tsu Nami Brunch - beef teppanyaki

There are many options to consider. Just some of them include fresh steaks from the ‘butcher shop’, garlic shrimp and calamari, steaming hot fried rice and yaki soba noodles, freshly grilled salmon and butter fish, a variety of foie gras, pork belly and chicken.

Tsu Nami Brunch - shrimp teppanyaki

At most of the counters, depending on the type of dish, you personally choose your meat or fish and any toppings or customizations. After that, you give the chef a token with your table number and a server will bring your dish out to you when it’s done. A nice touch if you are too busy hitting the sushi bar – or the actual bar!

Tsu Nami Brunch - tempura

I made sure not to miss the tempura section, one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Here the options are prawn, vegetable, fish and Buta Katsu Karei tempura. Overall the tempura was pretty straightforward.

Tsu Nami Brunch - ramen

I also cannot say no to ramen. Once you have selected from a variety add in options including Japanese spring onions, bamboo shoot and seaweed, the ramen will be brought out to your table so you don’t have to balance the splashing liquid yourself. The ramen was good although I would’ve enjoyed the broth to be much hotter – temperature wise.

Tsu Nami Brunch - dessert

Tsu Nami Brunch - dessert

Tsu Nami also offers a huge dessert spread – both laid out for the picking and hot items off the grill such as crepes, dorayaki and banana flambé. I picked out a piece of red bean custard, chocolate lava cake and about ten other sweet pieces I am too embarrassed to admit to eating. I will tell you that they were all sweet and satisfying.

The entirety of the dessert spread provided a mix of classic Western and Japanese treats, perfect for any kind of sweet tooth.

Tsu Nami Brunch

Overall, the Sunday brunch at Tsu Nami provided the atmosphere of a fun weekend brunch with the taste of authentic Japanese cuisine. One should understand going to Tsu Nami on Sunday is a true-and-true Japanese brunch experience with little wiggle room outside of that realm.

It may sound obvious, but if you love Japanese food you will be in sashimi-style heaven. If you are so-so on the idea of raw fish, you may find yourself running out of options and filling yourself entirely from the dessert bar (which would still be a good time in my book).

If you are looking to change out of your shorts and flip flops and take a break from Bangkok’s street food, next Sunday go treat yourself at Tsu Nami.

Price as follows:

1,890++ THB per pax – Buffet 

2,390++ THB per pax – Buffet and free-flow Asahi draft, sake and juices

3090++ THB per pax – Buffet and free-flow Asahi draft, sake, juices, sparkling wine, white wine and red wine

Tsu & Nami Brunch: JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, 4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2, Bangkok 10110 | Tel: +66 2 6567709 | Website | Every Sunday from 11:30-15:00