Two Men Bagel House: Huge New York-Style Bagel Sandwich Tucked Away In Tanjong Pagar

Two Men Bagel House 2

Tanjong Pagar, the area with almost every cuisine available within walking distance, is also known as a food mecca and it wasn’t hard to find a place to curb my cravings for rustic American food at Two Men Bagel House.

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This place is hidden within Icon Village Altez, and can be pretty hard to find if you’re visiting for the first time.

Seats are quite limited but the takeaway option is available. Thankfully, I was able to find a table amidst the lunchtime crowd, and the smell of sizzling bacon from the open kitchen was teasing my rumbling stomach.

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Bagels and coffee, definitely a foolproof classic combination.

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For those who are unfamiliar with bagel and think that it is a healthy donut, the origin of this bread is from the Jewish communities in Poland. While traditional bagels topped with poppy or sesame seeds are eaten plain, many people are used to eating the American version with different types of cream cheese and toppings.

With prices starting at $2.60, Two Men Bagel House sells almost any kind of Bagel you can think of: those sold by the dozens, elaborated breakfast renditions and vegetarian-friendly options.

Apart from the generous portions, it’s delightful to know that most of the food here are either made from scratch or prepared with overseas-sourced ingredients.

Two Men Bagel House 7

First up, the LOX ($11.90) is a true New York classic that was densely packed with layers of cured salmon sandwiched in between cream cheese. As the bagel was impossibly huge, I had to break it into quarters to enjoy it.

The addition of house-made pickled beets and onions added a subtle crunch and mild tartness to the creamy ‘bagelwich’.

You can choose form the different bagel flavours without additional cost, but the toasted sesame is a great choice to have with the LOX.

Two Men Bagel House 8

Twice smoked and brined for 48 hours before being cooked overnight, the Australian salted beef brisket used in SALTED ($14.00) was really smoky and the bagel itself was infused with a strong smoky flavour as well.

Crusty on the sides and tender towards the middle, I felt that the flavour from the brisket was elevated when paired with the pickled gherkins.

Judging from the amount of meat used, this one will give a good bang for your buck.

Two Men Bagel House 5

Lastly, the SRIRACHA ($12.90) consisted of fragrant cajun spiced roasted chicken thigh topped with Sriracha (chilli sauce) aioli, Montreal bacon and rocket leaves.

The chicken was quite tender and well-seasoned but this wasn’t my favourite as I find that the salinity of the bacon a little too overpowering and I couldn’t quite taste the Sriracha sauce.

Two Men Bagel House 3

I grabbed a refreshing Iced White ($5.50) to pair with the bagels for a complete meal.

Weighing the affordable prices to the quality ingredients and generous portions, I’d say that Two Men Bagel House is a pretty decent place for anyone that is into protein and carbs (ft occasional salad leaves for healthier options).

That being said, look no further if you’re sick of having messy burgers and the mundane sandwich bread.

Expected damage: $3 – $15 per pax

Two Men Bagel House: No. 16 Enggor Street, Icon Village Altez #01-12, S079717 | Tel: +65 6509 4125 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 8am – 7pm, (Sat, Sun & PH) 9am – 6pm | Facebook | Website