Ultimate Guide to Singapore’s Best Froyos (Frozen Yoghurt)


Froyo, or Frozen yoghurt, the supposedly healthy dessert that swept across Singapore for a time seems to have simmered quite a bit since its hayday. Nonetheless, this popular icy delight remains a favorite of mine.

As a student, price was really, really important in how I ranked the froyos in this list. Taste-wise those that may not have been as exceptional but if I felt it was priced at a bargain, I would have given it a higher rating.

Compared to an alternate Froyo that might have been a wee bit better but was extremely overpriced. This I penalized heavily upon. And Hence, I think #6 might surprise you a bit.

Value for money is something really important to me. Every dollar I spend counts and I like to get my money’s worth for what i pay for. I believe you do too.

This guide works  to outlines the most value-for-money (obviously the best) and the most exotic of froyos in Singapore. Ever heard of sugar free yoghurt? Mango sticky rice parfaits or maybe a salted caramel yoghurt base? Well, I have a treat for you.

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1. Milk & Honey

Milk & Honey had one of my favorite yoghurt bases, creamy and milky with a very comfortable level of yoghurt tartness. The texture and taste – together with the exquiste toppings was one that would warrant a premium $6.95 for their signature parafait.

best froyo in singapore milk and honey Milk and honey best froyo in singapore

They are truly artisan in their choice of toppings; Varholna chocolate pearls, toffee sticks, lavender macarons, Espresso jelly etc. Pretentious names aside, what I loved was how they managed to step away from offering conventional fresh fruits but still arrived at options that could enhance rather than rob the Froyo taste.

They have just one yoghurt base but their decision in ingredients, and stellar IG aesthetics too was what made this my personal favorite.

Milk & Honey could definitely use some improvement in their sauces to make them creamier and richer. I personally found the toffee sauce really lacking in flavor. However, for quality ingredients and a good froyo base this ranks as my personal favorite

Try the Lilac Dream, To-Coffee and Matcha Azuki on your trip here, these are the few that are more unconventional and unique to Milk & Honey.

With 3 Outlets at City Square, JEM and One KM, for more details refer here  | Address: 180 Kitchener Road #02-K14, City Square Mall Singapore 208539 | Tel:  6834 3040 | Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs: 11am – 12 (mn) Fri & Sat: 11am to 2am 

2. Nookie

The yoghurt base is really similar to Milk & Honey, both have that same gelato creamy texture. Nookie’s however is a tad bit stronger so it would be better to order lighter toppings to balance out the heavier taste.

Nookie best froyo in singapore  best froyo in singapore nookie

They carry a range of almost 10 parfaits at $5.90 each, with the mango sticky ricered velvet and salted caramel fudge proving to be the most popular. I personally prefer the former; mangoes were exceptionally Q and fresh; a huge plus for me given how the freshness of most fruit toppings always wane when left out for too long.

I love the ingenious use of a Chinese mochi (more runny, and watery compared to japanese mochi) to substitute the sticky rice. It definitely was not entirely the same but it brought across that same cream x starch factor in the coconut ice cream. Follow their official Instagram account to get an additional 10% off too.

Address: 1 Selegie Road #01-04, Singapore (Behind SOTA, at the first level of POMO mall) | Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm

3. Yogart

Another one of the few creamier based Froyos ($6.20 for a large sized parfait) , Yogart Froyos are made in house, no pre-mix at all.  It is a lot thicker in texture with a yoghurt sour factor between Milk & Honey and Nookie.

This place goes all out froyo, serving it with waffles, cones and even as popsicles. Personally, I found the froyo base too strong, with a rather limited selection of toppings to compensate. It would have been served better with their waffles ($8.80). Students take note, you get a 10% off here when you flash your student pass!

yogart best froyo in singapore
Source: suchafatty.com

Their yoghurt popsicles are to die for and cost only $2.80 a pop. Different fruit bases really help balance the strong yoghurt base. I got a try of their watermelon soju, rich and creamy milky with that sugary sweet watermelon goodness.

Take your pick from Blueberry Yoghurt, White Chocolate Mocha, Yuzu and more – they make new flavors everyday from what the staff can find. I honestly have no better words for this popsicle except for you to make a detour down Bugis street and try this for yourself.

Address: 175 Bencoolen Street, #01-56 Burlington Square, Singapore 189649  (5-10 mins from Bugis MRT, behind Laselle) |  Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon-Sat), 12pm – 6pm (Sun)

4. Sogurt

With almost 17 different yoghurt bases under its helm, Sogurt is definitely the one dessert chain with the most flavors. The yoghurt base is rather icy, completely without a milky aspect. Very smooth with a faint yoghurt sour.

Sogurt best froyo in singapore
Source: gninetree.com

I love the after-taste of the froyo; they all have this very minty fresh aftertaste to the bite. They have a good range of sauces too, like Peanut butter crunch, milk chocolate ganache and Lemon biscuit. Really sinful, really creamy, my only remark was that it was a tad bit too lumpy. I love the milk chocolate ganache, it tasted like melted Hersheys in cookies and cream.

However, as the yoghurt base is very light. The flavored froyos mask the sour of the yoghurt completely. I loved the Lychee (their best seller), the minty fresh aftertaste is magic with the kiss of lychee in their yoghurt base. I love the chocolate froyo here that tastes like a very icy yet milky HL chocolate frappe. It is very addictive.

My only hesitation here is the price, they work on a pay be weight concept. $3/100g. Interestingly enough they offer a 15% promotion once you go beyond 200g to encourage customers to buy more. Good froyo base, Good toppings just needs some work on their sauces.

Outlets are pretty well strewn about the island, from Suntec City Mall, Bukit Timah, JEM to Kallang Wave mall, refer to a full list of their outlets here | Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 038983 | Tel: 6468 8940 | Opening hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily

5. Llao Llao

Pronounced ‘Yao Yao’, the Sanum needs no introduction. The yoghurt base here is more ice based and airy. Some prefer it that way for a lighter taste.

It adopts a lightly cream base, with a strong sting of sour. At Llao Llao, the sauces here are unrivaled- the creamy white chocolate, caramel and apple sauce are all unaminously creamy and rich in flavor.

llao llao best froyo in singapore llao llao best froyo in singapore 2

It is however, rather steeply priced at $6.95 with a limited range of toppings to mostly fruits. It is one of the better icy-based froyos in this list but definitely not the best, I find the nation infatuation a rather overhyped trend. It definitely could be doing better.

With their newest outlet Capitol Piazza, refer to a full list here | Address:13 Stamford Road #B229, Singapore (Capitol outlet) | Opening hours: 10am- 10pm

6. KFC

kfc froyo best froyo in singapore
Source: milkfrost.blogspot.com

Prices start at $1 a cone. I did not expect exceptional things much less when their main business is in fried chicken. Choose from either passionfruit or the original, the yoghurt base is a lot icier even compared to the regular icy froyo but they have got the basics right. It is exceptionally light on the palate and the sourness of yoghurt is rather strong and even.

The passionfruit sweet was distinctively light too, it definitely could be a worthy competitor to Sogurt’s version. The cup versions are only $2 with a choice of strawberry/mango sauce or fruit loops as a toppings.

It was a very smart food move for KFC to cash in on the froyo trend and invent a good yoghurt base they could mass produce. This is definitely the most value for money froyo for on this and hence its rather high ranking. Now I’m just waiting for Mcdonalds to start doing the same with Eggs Benedict.

Available in most KFC outlets, refer to a full list here | Opening hours: 8am – 10.30pm (varies between outlets) 

7. Yami Yoghurt

They have a lot of toppings here but nothing too fancy,  nuts, fruity pebbles, raisins etc. Of the froyos I have tried, this has a very thick structure, which while texture-wise is icy, still tastes really creamy. However, sometimes it comes across too bland and even a wee bit bitter.

The flavored froyos are better; the typical Berry, Mango, Peach and Honeydew flavor even.

Yami yoghurt best froyo in singapore Yami Yoghurt banana boat

The prices are extremely redeeming; prices start at only $2.30 for a small cup. Yami is also the only place I know that offer’s a Froyo banana boat at only $5.90, a banana sliced in half with 3 mini-towers of Froyo in a rain with 2 toppings of your choice.

I usually have this with one fresh fruit and some nuts, that way the sweet can compensate for the blander yoghurt base and the nuts for an extra crunch. This is what makes them stand out, a very value-for-money Froyo banana boat for the same price you pay for a standard yoghurt parfait.

11 Outlets throughout the island, check out for a full list here | Address: #B1-K22, Causeway Point, 1 Woodlands Square, 738099 | http://www.yamiyogurt.com.sg  | Opening hours: 10am -10pm (daily)

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8. BerryLite

berrylight best froyo in singapore

Surprisingly, Berrylite is very local oriented and was the only Froyo place I found that had a serving of atapchi as toppings as well as fresh fruits. Pomegranate seeds are also available for that extra crunch. The yoghurt base skews towards the icier type, I found the level of sweetness and Yoghurt tartness very strong but they were very evenly matched which helped balance things out.

Their fruit based froyos were rather poor and had too strong a taste of syrup. They are however running some really good NTUC promotions now, A 1-1 on their Medium froyo or purchase 3 toppings on your medium froyo and get 50% off, that makes the Froyo a lot easier on the wallet.

3 toppings, medium froyo for only $4.20? Sign up for your Nebo/NTUC card friends.

Of their 6 outlets, they are mostly located in the East, with the most central being at Bugis +, refer to a full list here | Address: 201 Victoria Street #05-03 | Opening Hours: Daily: 11am to 10pm

9. Tutti Frutti

A little hub located in Haji Lane, Tutti Frutti is a franchise that helms from California so I expected quite a bit of standard here. The yoghurt base is just a bit icy, extremely light and it does not get too overbearing – a notch more sour than Sogurt. Tutti Frutti has a consistency very similar like the chendol soft serve they used to serve at 7-11.

They are the only one Froyo store to carry a mocha flavor, which tasted like a very smooth and light espresso frappe. Despite the espresso taste being very light, the sourness of yoghurt was completely gone. Comparing Tutti Fruitt to Sogurt’s, but if we were to match the 2 yoghurt bases, I would have preferred the former.

tutti best froyo in singapore  tutti frutti best froyo in singapore

Their signature chocolate froyo was rather disappointing, coming off to taste like chendol rather than the dark chocolate I envisioned on the picture. They too have an interesting array of toppings like coconut shavings, pomelo and dried papaya. However, because they are aired in the open, the toppings do not come off as fresh.

Prices are a lot steeper too, at $3.70/100g perhaps because the owner has to pay off franchise costs in Singapore. Decent Froyo but I’d support local brand Sogurt instead.

Address: 27 Arab Street, Singapore 199726 | Tel: 62980625 | Opening hours: Mon- Thurs, Sun : 11am -11pm Fri: 11am -1am

10. Beegurt

beegurt best froyo in singapore
Source: sgfoodonfoot & whatwelove on Instagram

Hidden in the recluse of Sin Ming Road, Beegurt’s froyo texture was very close to soft serve ice cream with a slight sourness for oomph. The Begurt special goes at $6.80 served with 2 toppings with a whole honeycomb and honey drizzle to match. I love the use of honey, it is a pleasant breather from the usual caramel sauces to sweeten the froyo.

Sadly, the toppings were not fresh. I was disappointed that the Nata De Coco I ordered had hardened, perhaps from being left in the cold too long. There is an interesting range of sauces like Green Apple and their Caramel/Dark Sauces, Beegurt uses those of a more premium grade – choosing to use Monin instead of Smuckers brand most cafes use.

There was a lot going on with the Froyos here but it did not have that extreme draw for me to make a second visit. Froyo was good, just not worth the distance.

Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, Singapore 575629 (10 min walk from MarymountMRT)  | Tel:+65 9247 1598 | Opening Hours 11:00 am – 1:00 am (daily)

11. J.Co Doughnuts Store

j.co best froyo in singapore
Source: foodspotting.com

The yoghurt base here is also more icy based, with a very light consistency that collapses on your tongue (higher overrun). The range of toppings here are extremely limited, fruits with some fruity pebbles and Nata de coco. It is after all a doughnut chain first.

Of their toppings though, their longan jelly was the most interesting. I love how the agar agar texture scoops up melted yoghurt and the watery longan mix acts as a refreshing break between bites of froyo. One of the more inexpensive froyos in this list, with prices starting from $3.90, the large size is a tower with 3 toppings to the side for only $6.90. J.Co wins because of their value for money.

5 outlets in the island Raffles One, Suntec City, Raffles City, Paya Lebar Square & Tampines mall | Address: Raffles City Shopping Mall 52 North Bridge Road, #B1-44L, S(179103) | Tel: 6341 6847 | http://www.jcodonuts.com | Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (daily)

12. Yoguru

yoguru best froyo in singapore yoguru best froyo in singapore

Yoguru is the most enthusiastic in producing very modern froyo bases like Salted caramel, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Nestle’s Sjora mango-peach. The froyo base itself is rather strong, so the flavours come off more subtle.

As much as I love these flavors, I did find the Froyo combinations rather awkward, that sour-sweet-salty just did not work for me, I would still say it is an acquired taste which some might love. I personally prefer the Original based Froyo from Yoguru, thick with a touch of creamy that is slightly icy. Ah, the wonders of Froyo.

Toppings here are not as fresh too, something you can tell is really important for me in my froyo. Almonds aren’t as crunchy, mochi isn’t as chewy (seems left out for quite a bit). The yoghurt quality is top notch but a lack options and poorer toppings gives them a lower ranking on this list. It is quite expensive too, a medium sized cup with toppings costs me $5.60.

With 13 outlets across the island, from Yew Tee, J Cube to Tampines, refer to a full list of outlets here  | Address: Raffles City Shopping Centre 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-70 Singapore 179103 | http://www.yoguru.com.sg | Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10:30am to 10pm Sat – Sun: 10am to 10pm

13. Honeycomb

honeycomb best froyo in singapore
Source: suchafatty.com

By the same people behind Stateland Cafe, Honeycomb offers both soft serve or yoghurt in  5 different versions; all with the same froyo/soft serve base but different toppings; Matcha, Apple Crumble, Original, Choocolate and Caramel. The froyo base here is rather creamy and has an icier base.

Prices are rather steep, ranging from $6.20 to $7 and becomes one of the most expensive Froyos in this list. And while I do understand how prices are marked up, especially since they serve a raw honeycomb with every cup, I found it did little to add depth or enhance the yoghurt taste.

Tastewise, it was decent but it definitely could not compare as well to the other froyo places on this list. It won on aesthetics but could not keep up on taste. I did not find it worth that high a premium.

Address: 30 Bali Lane Singapore 189866 (5mins from Bugis MRT) |
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs), 12pm-12am (Fri-Sat), 11pm-6pm (Sun), Closed Tuesdays

14. Sugalight

sugalight best froyo in singapore

Sugar free? I kid you not. The yoghurt base is really thick, with an icy texture almost inexistent which makes the froyo seem really chunky. It isn’t creamy like gelato but more solid similar to ice cream. In terms of texture, this was definitely my favorite. I guess because it was so reminiscently indulgent.

It comes in both Vanilla and Orange, Sugalight is still in the works of adding more flavors. However, on a trip down to the Tanjong Pagar outlet, I only had the chance to try the Orange. Original and Vanilla were out of stock that day. It was rather disappointing given the hype of the sugar free concept. The Orange was a wee bit bitter and tasted rather artificial like medicine.

The texture is on point and actually one of the best of the lot here, with a few kinks in between I am hopeful they can deliver something out. I will definitely be heading down again to try the other flavors.

8 Outlets across the island, from schools at SIM, Bras Basah to Shenton way even, refer to their outlets here | Address: Sugalight Rail Mall 462 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678076 | Facebook | Opening hours: Mon-Thu 12pm-10pm Fri & Sat 12pm to 11pm Sun 12pm to 10pm (varies between outlets)

15. Red Mango

Red mango best froyo in singapore red mango best froyo in singapore

Despite having a very icy texture which would supposedly give the yoghurt a lighter taste, the syrup came off too strong and masked the yoghurt flavor.  The sour taste reminiscent of Yoghurt itself is already very faint. I would advise to have their parfait $5.80 with savory options like nuts – never fruits to balance out the taste.

They carry a variety of fruit based yogurts like blackcurrant, strawberry, pink grapefruit – and pistachio. With only a select few of flavors are available each day, I tried the mango and it tasted too much like syrup. The pistachio tasted extremely artificial, perhaps it was just a small hiccup during my visit.

They are however really generous with their toppings which works as one of their redeeming factors. Prices start at $3.40, with a medium cup and one topping costing $5.60

With just 4 outlets in the island at Marina Bay, Shenton Way, Asia Square Tower & City Square mall | Address: Marina Bay Link Mall #B2/02 | Opening hours: 8am to 8.30pm (daily)


Editor’s note:

Taste can be relative, and while there will definitely be disagreement on my choices. Do leave in the comments section down below on other promotions/stores I might have missed out, I’m always ready to seek out new Froyo joints.