UNA’s Valentine’s Day 2016 Menu Review – Jars of Hearts

UNAite Your Hearts This Valentines


Out of ideas for where to dine on Valentine’s Day? Hopefully, this review of UNA’s Valentine’s Day Menu: Jars of Hearts, would help you.

Here are a few reasons why UNA @ Rochester would be a great place for you to be this Valentine’s:

1. Gorgeous, scenic restaurant so romantic your partner will be swept off their feet

2. Quality courses served artfully

3. Free Flow sparkling wine at $688++ for 2

4. A Personal Butler. Yes, if you pay more, you get your very own butler.

5. Picturesque food and place- that quality instagram-worthy setting that’s bound to make people envious.



For $250++ per couple, you get: salad, appetizer, soup, choice of main and a dessert. Did I mention there’s a glass of sparkling wine as well?

In case you’re not convinced, here’s our review of Jars of Hearts, UNA’s very on Valentine’s Day menu.

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Amuse Bouche

“Amuse Bouche [ ä-ˌmüz-ˈbüsh] is a French term for a small sampler which is served before the meal to stimulate the appetite.” It usually isn’t a set appetiser and changes according to the chef’s preferences.

That day, we were started off with liquified cucumber and almonds that had a taste reminiscent of aioli. It was slightly creamy, slightly nutty yet fresh. Intriguing for I’ve never thought almond and cucumbers could taste like this.

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Una’s set menu also comes with complimentary sparkling wine because c’mon what’s Vday without a little bubbly to celebrate your bubby! Also, their bread basket is so worth the carbs.


Smoked Chicken with Green Salad

Standard salad fare some vinaigrette dressing, not much to be excited about.

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Pan-seared Foie Gras with Brioche & Balsamic Sauce

This appetiser however, had me waxing lyrical. Usually not a fan of foie gras, such a thick slice of it was intimidating. However because it was paired so artfully with green peppers, naturally sweet brioche and sour balsamic vinegar, the usual foreboding gamy smell was alleviated.

The foie gras was skilfully seared, with the edges bronzed and crisp while maintaining that characteristically soft and creamy texture of foie gras for the most part. Pardon my awe, for a regular diner such as myself this appetiser seemed finely executed.

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Saffron Broth Consommé with Yabby Tortellini

Lobster and saffron based broth was flavourful and sweet yet light. Tortellini wrapped beautifully in fresh lobster meat. Pretty much like french wanton. Popped the whole tortellini in my mouth, then realised I should’ve savoured it because one wasn’t enough….

For mains, you get a choice of the 2 following dishes:


Braised Eel topped with Asparagus, Crispy Dried Chili and Sherry Vinegar

Fresh eel is braised in they sherry vinegar so it mellows out the subtle oceanic flavour with a more earthy taste, giving a tender, juicy mouth-feel. Coupled with the dried chili and asparagus, there’s a multitude of different flavours which makes it more interesting.

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Australian Ribeye Steak with Patatas, Aioli and Smoked Bordelaise Sauce

This charcoal-grilled 250-day-grain-fed steak was tender and bloodiliy juicy. The potatoes however were much more impressive as the patatas tossed in allioli sauce was addictive. It felt like some comfort junk food I would eat while watching the movies.

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Poached Pear, Beet Coulis and Honey Ice Cream

The honey ice cream had an extremely delicate honey taste that might become tasteless after eating something heavy-flavoured. Perhaps tasting the ice cream first would allow better appreciate of its taste.

The sweetened nutty crumbles scattered on the side seemed like nothing but were addictive! They go really well with the ice cream. The poached pear had a good shape as it retained the juices and crunch while it was still soft.

UNA’s Jar of Hearts v-day set will be available on 13th and 14th of February 2016.

At $250++ per couple for this set menu with 1 glass of sparkling wine. At $688++ for the same, you get free flow sparkling with an exclusive personal butler and a bouquet of roses. For more information regarding UNA’s Jars of Hearts, click here.

We also had the chance to taste some of UNA’s signature dishes from the regular Ala Carte menu, I felt were better than the V-day menu itself.


Jamon Ibérico bellota ($38)

How can you visit a Spanish restaurant and not try Spanish ham?

Famous Spanish Jamon Iberico, is ham royalty. With its lush red meat and veins of marbled fats cut paper-thin, this ham looks like it was made for the rich.

Actually, it just might be considering how they are all pretty expensive. UNA’s Jamon Ibérico bellota is earthy, nutty and almost milky and also melts gracefully in your mouth.

Pluma Ibérica ($40)

Grilled pluma Ibérico pork with a smoky sweet marinade, probably my favourite dishes of the night. Though it might look overcooked with the darkness and charred ridges, these slabs of pork were actually tender and juicy with a blush of pink in the centre.

The deceptive hint of pink and lack of pork stench caused few around the table to inquire if it was really pork and not beef.  The dark sweet, savoury sauce was immersed sufficiently in the meat, not overpowering it. Smooth creamy mash potatoes stood as a humble accompaniment.

Deceptive and delicious, with commendable execution.

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Churros & Chocolate ($14)

These Spanish Donuts are currently Singapore’s food trend with many churros specialty stores popping up. Here at UNA, you get the real deal which is more fragrant, soft and moist on the inside. Served with a side of ice cream and quality dark chocolate.

Would I visit UNA again? Yes, I would definitely go back to UNA for their regular menu. The V-day selection seems a notch lower than their usual flair, but the ambience could be worth it.  Do note that the regular menu is not served during Valentine’s day.

Expected Damage: $250++ for a couple ; $688++ for free flow sparkling wine and butler

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