15 Most Unhealthy Hawker Foods in Singapore That I Don’t Mind Dying For

Comfort, hawker meals we turn to daily could have a direct correlation to your expanding waistline, and here at sethlui.com, we all sure love a good hearty meal at the nearby hawker centre.

On recent times however, we realised its artery clogging potential could well, be the death of us and deeply regret but to inform you about these health risks as well. #socialresponsibility.


In light of all this, I can never imagine myself steering clear of these amazing local delights in any time to come, and have decided to compile a list of a few of the most heart detrimental, majorly loved dishes of all time that I wouldn’t mind slowly dying for.

Warning: You can turn back now if you want to. Ignorance may be bliss. Nutritional values are all estimates.

1. Murtabak (674 calories, 56.1g fats)

hawker food-1

Yes, you heard me. Your daily visits to the nearby prata joint for that serving of tasty, fried murtabak is what’s clogging up your arteries, God speed. The amount of fat found in just a serving of this local delight will already exceed your daily fat intake by double the amount. Not to mention having one of the highest calorie content around.

But I mean, everything in moderation right? Next time, don’t eat that Murtabak alone. Share it with your buddies so, well, you’re all in the same boat. But a much safer one.

2. Fried Carrot Cake Black (470 calories, 24g fats)

hawker food-2

Just a small plate of your favourite carrot cake already packs a punch at 470 calories per serving. What more, we eat it mostly for a tantalising snack, on top of our usual meals. It just kills me to imagine how much calories I’ve consumed just during a normal meal at the hawker centre.

3. Hor Fun (585 calories, 22g fats)


Surprisingly, this innocent-looking plate of starchy goodness is one of the top most unhealthy foods found in hawker centres. Looking mild and relatively unassuming, (I mean, its not deep fried or whatever right) I expected the Hor Fun to rank down far below as one of the more healthier options. But, with its high sodium content and high percentage of carbohydrates; starch in both the gravy and noodles, its certainly one to steer away from if you’re on a no-carbs diet.

4. Lor Mee (383 calories, 11g fats)


Noodle lovers beware, for just a bowl of your favourite Lor Mee can pack a serious calorie input too. Similar to the hor fun, the high starch content makes a sad case for your carbohydrate count, and not to mention the high sodium content from the gravy as well. Sigh.

5. Char Kway Teow (742 calories, 39g fats)


Definitely, that savoury, delightful plate of char way teow is going to make the list. Did you think otherwise? Laden with bits of pork lard and coated with delicious vegetable oil, it qualifies as one of greatest sinful delights. But I mean, who can resist a piping hot plate of char way teow anyway. Especially if its from your favourite stall. But again, eat in moderation guys, and skip the lard. Ok maybe, just a piece or two will do.

6. Oyster Omelette (649 calories, 49g fats)


Goodness, now you’re telling me my go-to comfort meal after a nice stroll at east coast park contains such a ton of calories? But yes, sadly to disappoint, but a mere oyster omelette can destroy any effort you put into your exercise regime that day, even considering its small role as a mid-afternoon snack.

7. Bak Chor Mee (511 calories, 23g)

tai hwa bak chor mee 2

One of the more homely, hearty meals around, I deeply regret but to inform you that this too, is extremely detrimental to your waistline. The amount of fat and lard that goes into the soup is just scary, but its definitely what makes it so delicious as well. So next time you have that ba chor mee craving in the middle of the night, think again.

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8. Ban Mian (475 calories, 22g fats)


Imagine my surprise when I found out my favourite noodle soup, that I all along thought was a healthier choice, is high up on this list of unhealthy foods as well. With a huge amount of sodium in its soup base rivalling that of the char way teow (cues crying of kidneys), this mild, soupy dish is actually one we should be wary of. Or maybe, just skip drinking so much of the soup. (now cues crying of my tastebuds)

9. Fried Bee Hoon (679 calories, 61g fats)


Uh oh. That beehoon stall you turn to for your usual breakfast fare, with luncheon meat and maybe, a fried egg on the side is actually what’s been killing your diet all this while. Who knew fried beehoon could be so fattening???

10. Laksa (520 calories, 20g fats)

328 katong laksa-11015009Okay this is pretty obvious, with its thick creamy coconut milk base and the layer of inviting chilli oil coating your noodles. If you’re watching your blood cholesterol level, this dish is a definite no-no, sending your cholesterol levels hitting the roof. But I guess, for the rest of us, once in a while is still fine. I mean, its uniquely Singaporean right? #sg50

11. Hokkien Mee (617 calories, 31g fats)

geylang lorong 29 hokkien mee 2

Perhaps the amount of calories in your food serve as a direct correlation as with its satisfaction level, and we can say the same for a good plate of hokkien mee. Containing even more calories than a big mac, it sure brings us to a really dark sinful place. But a happy one at that.

12. Chicken Rice (666 calories, 44g fats)

leong yeow chicken rice-11060004

That deathly number, 666. gives me the chills already. But seriously, just a plate of chicken rice, as innocent as it may sound, contains a high fat content, even more than your usual char kway teow. So, guys, think twice before you eat that plate of chicken rice as a daily staple.

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13. Fried fish soup w evaporated milk (549 calories, 18g fats)


Another inconspicuous looking boiled dish, I was surprised to find out that this seemingly healthy dish (hello, what else can scream healthy besides fish soup?!) was piling on the calories as well. Almost packing as many calories as your favourite chicken rice or what not, the additional evaporated milk and fried fish really adds on to that fat count. Skip the milky goodness next time, and opt for the steamed sliced fish version instead of the fried fish.

14. Nasi Lemak (494 calories, 14g fats)


This classic Singaporean delight, with a fried chicken or ikan kuning pairing, together with that fragrant coconut based rice, it still injects potential artery clogging material. So, beware guys.

15. Roti Prata w/o egg (414 calories, 20g fats)


An occasional indulgence in this local cuisine should be fine, but just be careful what you put in your mouth. Prata is cooked with ghee, a delicious, buttery staple in Indian cuisine, but also all the more artery clogging. Don’t forget about the curry that you soak your prata in.


End notes

This was an extremely painstaking list to compile, with most of my favourite hawker dishes ranking at the highest of all these kidney destroying foods. I could say that ignorance is bliss, but at the end of the day, my heart may not think so.

Definitely, steering clear of all these dishes is a tough feat to achieve, but I believe in moderation, and an occasional indulgence should be fine, right?

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