Get A Taste of Vegan Malay Food With Beyond Meat Epok-Epok From Rendang Mama Vegan

In this day and age, the modernisation of traditional Asian cuisines is increasingly common.

Rendang Mama Vegan Epok Epok 1
Credit – Rendang Mama Vegan

Our vegan Muslim friends can look forward to Rendang Mama Vegan. This eatery prides itself as Singapore’s first vegan Malay-Muslim owned food business.

They’re currently dishing out a revamped version of the well-loved snack food epok epok, or curry puffs.

Rendang Mama Vegan Epok Epok 2
Credit – Rendang Mama Vegan

Having grown up eating epok epok, the founder, Hilmi Hayan, decided to come up with his own recipe.

He enlisted the help and culinary expertise of his experienced mother, Chef Mdm Zubaidah Hamzah, in using traditional spices to create vegan Malay food.

Rendang Mama Vegan Epok Epok 3
Credit – Rendang Mama Vegan

Allium-free rendang paste is the key feature of both existing products, the Beyond Meat Epok-Epok Rendang and the Epok-Epok Rendang Nangka.

Instead of regular curry paste, Hilmi chose to work on traditional rendang, a prized dish in the Malay community. Rendang R&D also allowed him to cater to Buddhist and Hindu vegetarian diets.

For those who don’t know, allium-free diets omit onions, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives.

Rendang Mama Vegan Epok Epok 4
Credit – Rendang Mama Vegan

Rendang Mama Vegan’s rendang paste is made with 100% non-animal source, contains no MSG, and is allium-free AND gluten-free. They are in the process of attaining halal certification.

The plant-based Beyond Meat Epok-Epok Rendang is the result of a partnership with Beyond Meat SG and GLife. Beyond Meat™️ and diced potatoes in a rendang paste? Sounds delectable.

Rendang Mama Vegan Epok Epok 5
Credit – Rendang Mama Vegan

Ever tried jackfruit as a meat alternative? Now you can, with the plant-based Epok-Epok Rendang Nangka/Jackfruit that’s prepared with rendang paste and young jackfruit.

Customers can request for either spicy or non-spicy rendang paste, but Hilmi recommends the spicy epok epok for the most enjoyable experience.

Rendang Mama Vegan does delivery and pick-up orders at Boon Keng MRT only, which can be made via this Google form.

Love their epok epok? They plan to sell bottles of rendang paste in the future, so watch out for updates on their Facebook and Instagram page.

I’m looking forward to more Malay vegan food creations!

Prices: S$2/S$3.50 per piece (Beyond Meat XS/XL, min 3 pcs), S$1.50 per piece (Rendang Nangka/Jackfruit XS, min 5 pieces)

Price: $

Rendang Mama Vegan

107 Towner Road, Singapore 321107


Rendang Mama Vegan

107 Towner Road, Singapore 321107