Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Wall’s Durian Mochi Now Available At 7-Eleven Stores In Malaysia

Last Updated: February 18, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

Calling all durian lovers! This might be your new favourite dessert at 7-Eleven. Introducing: Wall’s Durian Mochi, a blessed respite from the hot weather in Malaysia. 

7-Eleven Malaysia recently posted on their Facebook page that they will be carrying Wall’s Malaysia’s latest creation—the Durian Mochi

The debut of Wall’s Vietnam’s Matcha Mochi has been such a smashing success that they have decided to bring the “mochi craze” to Malaysia. 

As you all may know, mochi is a famous Japanese rice cake made from mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. As such, the texture bears some resemblance to traditional Chinese glutinous rice. 

Made with 100% durian puree, it’s no surprise that these would be a huge hit—it’s fresh and delicious after all. If you love intense durian flavours, this will definitely do the trick for you.

Personally, I feel that integrating durian into the traditional Japanese snack is an interesting and gratifying crossover. Word on the street is that it’s truly sedap, so I’m sure it’s worth your money.

If you’re a durian fan like me, look out for these at 7-Eleven outlets next time you’re in Johor. These are only available in Peninsular Malaysia, so make sure you’re in the area.

When you get your hands on one of these sweet treats, be sure to let it defrost before devouring it to enjoy it in its full flavour. 

Head down to your nearest 7-Eleven outlet in Peninsular Malaysia to get a hold of these delightful desserts. Keep your fingers crossed though, they sell out quickly! 

Dates & Times: Now available at 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia

Prices: RM3 per mochi

Mentai-Ya: Afffordable Mentaiko donsn

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