Sweeten your day with new Wall’s Cornetto Love Daifuku and get a free omamori charm for a limited time

Wall’s Ice Cream Singapore is bringing the beauty of Japan to you in their new Cornetto Love Daifuku now available at participating 7-Eleven outlets.

Inspired by the Japanese snack ichigo daifuku (strawberry and sweet red bean mochi), the Wall’s Cornetto Love Daifuku features sweet strawberry ice cream, chewy mochi bites and azuki beans. With the cool and refreshing ice cream and actual mochi bites, you’ll be transported to Japan in a single dessert.

Walls Cornetto Daifuku Online 1

The ichigo daifuku is a Spring seasonal variation on the traditional Japanese snack, daifuku, which is a chewy mochi (rice cake ball) with various sweet fillings like red bean paste made from azuki beans. In this variation, a whole strawberry is coated in red bean paste and wrapped in a mochi ball.

With the tart strawberry and sweet azuki creating a refreshing and delicious filling, the ichigo daifuku has become a very popular snack with locals and tourists alike. The textural contrast feels so exquisite when you bite through the chewy mochi into a juicy whole strawberry.

Savour this snack in yet another twist as it takes ice cream form in the Cornetto Love Daifuku.

Walls Cornetto Daifuku Online 2

For even more fun, collect a free Japanese omamori lucky charm with every two pieces of Wall’s Cornetto Love Daifuku purchased. The omamori is a Japanese amulet sold at Shinto temples and are meant to offer its holder luck and protection.

The omamori lucky charm is available in four designs for a limited time only. Get yours while you can!

Date & Time: Now available at participating 7-Eleven outlets | Free omamori redemption while stocks last

Price: S$2.60