Don Roast Pork on Your Ears With Weez Malaysia’s Food Earrings

I’m sure you all have seen trendy earrings on sale amidst your online shopping during the Circuit Breaker. In addition to the classic studs and dangly earrings, many local business have also decided to incorporate adorable food charms into jewellery. 

Appealing to the foodies around Southeast Asia, WEEZ Malaysia has come up with various trinkets and charms of Asia’s most loved food. From shao rou (roasted pork) to nasi lemak, the detailing on each and every one of these handmade charms is impeccable. 

Weez Malaysia Food Themed Earrings Jun 2020 Online

These charms are made out of polymer clay, also known as Premo Sculpey, to ensure the charms hold their shape while enhancing the fine details of the charm overall. Apart from just helping the charm stay in shape, the Premo Sculpey also ensures that the charm is strong, waterproof and long-lasting. 

If you’re looking to up your jewellery game and show off your foodie side, head over to WEEZ Malaysia’s Facebook page and leave a comment under their posts for more information. Due to their increasing popularity for their miniature food charms, they might take a while to get back to you through private message. 

Weez Malaysia Food Themed Earrings Jun 2020 Online 2

My personal favourite from WEEZ Malaysia? Definitely the sushi charms. Make your order soon before stocks run out! 

Dates & Times: Now available at  WEEZ Malaysia’s Facebook page

Prices: Prices vary with each product