‘Where Got Slot’ Helps You Find Available Delivery Slots From Your Favourite Grocery Sites

Before you go through the stress of not getting your preferred delivery slot on Fairprice or Sheng Siong, take a breather and make the best of this latest web tool, ‘Where Got Slot’, an app to check the availability of delivery slots with online groceries delivery providers.

Blazeguard Online

With the ongoing ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures and constant rumours of a lockdown, we kiasu Singaporeans have been flocking to supermarkets, to make sure we have enough groceries to last us during this period of uncertainty.

When the shelves get emptied, we shifted our focus to online grocery shopping, happy to find that our items were in stock and mindlessly filled our shopping carts, till we realised that there are no more delivery slots upon checkout. Here’s when ‘Where Got Slot’ comes in.

Where Got Slot Online

This web tool was invented by Blaze Guard, a distributor of smoke alarms and designer fire extinguishers in Singapore. After recognising a gap in the market in making online grocery shopping more convenient for panicked Singaporeans, they created ‘Where Got Slot’ to ease the checkout process. Simply enter your postal code and you’ll get a live update of the providers who have available delivery slots for your location.

Blaze Guard has chosen these providers to list because they offer some degree of delivery time availability lookup on their platforms, and not based on any bias. Keeping in mind that these delivery slots are highly-coveted, one pro tip they have is to add all your desired items into your cart first, from each grocery provider you wish to order from. Once a slot becomes available, you can check out immediately before the slot gets snapped up—the early bird catches the worm!

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If you have any other suggestions for providers that should be included in this community tool, email Blaze Guard at [email protected] to see if it’s possible. Kudos to those at Blaze Guard for putting their ingenious brains to work and inventing a tool to serve everyone during these challenging times!

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