Dalgona broke my whisk but this Whipped Chocolate drink restored my faith in DIY frothy beverages

Raise your hands if you have not, during the worst of the lockdown mid-2020, resorted to whipping up Dalgona coffee for some self-entertainment. 

Dalgona Online 1

I was no exception to this frothy TikTok trend sweeping through kitchens, jumping right on the bandwagon. Most tragically, I broke my whisk in the middle of my attempt, leaving my coffee thin and lifeless. While I haven’t had much luck with whipped beverages, our writer, Felicia, managed to make a beautiful glass of Dalgona coffee, which you can check out here.

Fast forward to earlier this week when we caught a whiff of another trend—whipped chocolate. It’s pretty much similar to Dalgona coffee, swapping out coffee for cocoa mix instead. Of course, we had to try it out. Imagine my sheepish nervousness when my editor, Wani, asked me if I could make it.

Well, I couldn’t say no to the challenge. First, I had to get a new whisk.

Whipped Choc 1

The whipped chocolate is straightforward to make and requires few ingredients, which probably explains why it’s so popular. All you need is cocoa mix, sugar, and heavy cream for the chocolate foam, and your choice of milk for the drink.

Whipped Choc 2

I skipped the sugar for mine because I find cocoa mix sufficiently sweet on its own. I also used a 35.1% fat whipping cream instead because the heavy cream was sold out at my nearest store—but since that’s close to the 36% fat required in heavy cream, I figured it’ll work in a pinch. The main drawback, I think, is that it won’t hold its shape for as long.

Whipped Choc 6

I combined two tablespoons of cocoa mix and 1/3 cup of cream and began whisking. Since cream holds its shape better when it’s cold, it helps to pre-chill your whisk and bowl before working so that the mixture remains cold longer.

Whipped Choc 7

To much shock and surprise (and relief), it worked! After you’ve got the cream to a thick, foamy consistency, spoon dollops of it over a glass of milk of your choice.

Whipped Choc 8

Feeling fancy, I even dusted some cinnamon powder over the drink for a bit of artistic effect. Starbucks who? Take a few photos, show off to your neighbour, then stir your concoction and enjoy.

Whipped Choc 9

The whipped chocolate sits well with milk (I used soy), and creates such a delicious and creamy mouthfeel. You can even enjoy this as a hot drink. Just heat up the milk before adding the foam, if you prefer.

This whipped chocolate drink is a great alternative to regular Dalgona coffee, especially if you’re trying to avoid caffeine. I highly recommend you give it a try—it’s fun to make and so satisfying to drink.

And hey, my new whisk is still intact, in case you’re wondering.

Date & Time: N.A.

Price: Approximately S$10 for ingredients