Enjoy White Rabbit’s new Peanuts Nougat ice-cream flavour at S$12.50

Anything White Rabbit-related always gets me a little bit teary-eyed. From their quirky range of merchandise to their new line of flavours, I’ve been first in line for everything. So imagine my joy when I found out about the new release of White Rabbit’s new ice- cream flavour! 

Image of White Rabbit's Peanuts Nougat 1
Credit – Hao Productions Pte Ltd

No stranger to ice-creams with their debut of the White Rabbit ice-cream sticks last year, this time around, Bright Dairy & Food Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Ltd. (bless you guys with an abundance of good fortune) have worked together for a second time to launch the new White Rabbit ice-cream flavour: Peanuts Nougat

Expect to find the classic sweet and milky taste… but with a nutty addition. Loaded with heaps of nutritional values (because, milk), one stick of ice-cream is equivalent to a ‘healthy snack’.

Image of White Rabbit's Peanuts Nougat 3
Credit – Hao Productions Pte Ltd

Fellow milk candy lovers can look forward to purchasing them at various outlets. The Peanuts Nougat ice-cream will be sold at S$12.50 a box of five at Hao Food’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada. If you’re not a fan of online shopping, fret not, for the box of milky nougats will also be in stores at selected FairPrice supermarketsFairPrice Xpress, and Cheers convenience stores.

This means you’ll be able to indulge in the milky, chewy dessert a lot sooner than you think.

Image of White Rabbit's Peanuts Nougat 2
Credit – Hao Productions Pte Ltd

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already placed my order (on Seth’s account, that is), and I’m awaiting my box of five Peanuts Nougat-flavoured milk candy ice-cream to surprise my palate with an age-old classic! 

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