Three new White Rabbit candy flavours are available at 7-Eleven at S$5 for 3

Oh man, the nostalgia that comes with these sweets is unmatched. I remember my friends and I eating them on the way home on the school bus, our 7-year-old minds trying to figure out how the paper ‘wrapper’ of these candies were edible. Our childhood favourite White Rabbit candies are now available at 7-Eleven stores islandwide in three new flavours, namely, Coconut, Mango, and Coffee.

White Rabbit candies

These well-loved candies will be sold in small packets for S$2 each, though you can get three packets for S$5. Select flavours will be available at different stores, so cross your fingers and hope you get lucky enough to try all of them.

coconut flavoured rabbit candy

The Coconut (S$2) flavour was unexpectedly good—it’s mildly sweet in the way that allows the original flavour of the White Rabbit candy to shine without being too overpowering.

mango flavoured rabbit candy

I found that the Mango (S$2) fell on the more fruity and sugary end of the spectrum. Its bright orange White Rabbit packaging will not fail to catch your eye, and if you’re a fan of mango, this is the way to go.

coffee flavoured candy
Credit – 7-Eleven Singapore

The Coffee (S$2) flavour had sold out by the time I got there, which might indicate that this is perhaps a crowd-favourite—I mean, who can disagree that coffee and milk go perfectly hand in hand? My caffeine-addicted self will be scouring the shelves at various 7-Eleven outlets for this flavour, but if you’ve tried it and loved it, let us know too.

a photo of a hand holding candies

Of course, real OG fans (myself included), might think that the original White Rabbit flavour remains the champion. It’s sold in an extra-large packet for S$5, with 200g worth of candy wrapped individually and perfect for sharing with a friend while you reminisce about the good ol’ days.

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