Would you give coriander-flavoured lollipop a go?

Last month, we were greeted with the invention of coriander cake and that caused quite the uproar amongst coriander lovers and haters around. This month, thanks to Chinese snack manufacturer, Lyfen, we have a new contender: the Coriander Lollipop.

Coriander Lollipop Online

That’s right, folks—you read it right. Coriander lollipops are here to blow your mind. According to netizens’ reviews on Chinese social media platform, Little Red Book, the lollipop isn’t as nauseating as it sounds and was described to have ‘only a whiff of coriander flavour’ while having a sweet and sour taste.

Take one look at it and it reminds me of something Harry Potter would rather be chasing around on his broomstick during a Quidditch match. If only these little balls of herbs came with golden wings attached to them. Now, that, I will buy in bulk. I’m also pretty sure the lollipop could be a start to a new social media challenge. After all, it happened with cinnamon years ago, remember?

So, if you’re thinking of getting one for you and those around you, you can get it in Singapore via a seller from Shopee here. The lollies are being sold at around S$24 for 12. Here’s a wacky idea, with Halloween around the corner, they sure would make a good prank—especially to those you know who cannot stand the herb.

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