5 Reasons Frozen Pizza is Better Than Delivery Pizza

Pizza is pivotal to the sustenance of a sloth lifestyle, wait, allow me to correct that, any lifestyle. I could never fathom the thought of anyone not jumping onto the pizza bandwagon because is there anything else in this world that can provide such joy while you fully immerse yourself in the indulgent ways of a couch potato – watching TV, playing games, having a beer.

The only annoying part about the whole pizza thing is how you have to call for deliveries and even worse, wait for it to come. That’s really too much to ask for when you’re nothing but one with the couch. All my fellow couch potatoes, we are going to continue to potate and I’m here to make it better for you.

Thank you frozen pizzas, thank you to whoever invented it, you’re a star. May all your dreams come true because you’ve done that for me.

Paying homage to frozen pizza dinners, here’s my top five reasons on why frozen pizzas are better than delivery pizzas. Long live the sloth life.

1. You can have pizza anytime you want it.


We are all well aware that the quintessential part of the sloth lifestyle is how there should be minimised movements and best kept within the reach of one’s couch. With frozen pizza, the arduous journey of getting to the phone, ordering it preparing payment and walking up to your main door to receive it is no longer an issue.


Skip worrying if pizza deliveries are still available in the dead of the night because you were too carried away with Netflix’s sinful infinite loop. Simply crawl to your freezer at any time, take out a frozen Papalina pizza and pop it in the oven. The next action should be you lying comfortably on your furniture of choice, pigging out and may the binge watching continue.

2. Faster, instant indulgence.


We spend a quarter of our lives waiting for things and that’s a major waste of time. Even more so when you’re hungry and the inertia to move is tremendous. Imagine the torturous 45 minutes of waiting you have to survive through as you clench your stomach desperately, hearing it churn and twist in various unthinkable methods.

And in the worst case scenario where your resilience is low, you’re probably going to feed yourself with some unworthy snacks, spoiling the whole pizza experience.


So why not choose a frozen pizza, where you are not under the mercy of any pizza deliveries. You choose your own fate and control it, accordingly to the amount of time needed to heat up the frozen pizza.

With frozen Papalina pizza, the approximate time gap between your stomach growling and to you feeding it is a short duration of fifteen minutes. Shorter for fluffier base, longer for a crispier base, all well within your reach. Kick back, relax and enjoy the whole pizza while you marvel at how little effort and time you took to singlehandedly deliver it to yourself.

3. You can add your own ingredients and create your own pizza dish.


Pizza deliveries are now giving you the choice of customising your own pizza but let’s be honest, they do not know the way to your heart as well as you do. I know you crave for that added nacho chips or extra decadent drizzle of mozzarella cheese that you’re afraid to voice out about in fear of getting called a weirdo or a creep. Society, ugh.

Our homemade pizza sandwich.

But here’s how you can have it your way without anyone judging you. Get a frozen Papalina pizza, gather your out-of-this-world ingredients and drizzle it all over. Bake it and fold it into half and slice it. There you go, a fuss free pizza sandwich with all your favourite ingredients. And hey, it’s a sandwich, it’s healthy right? Yeah, keep believing in that.

4. Have your pizza piping hot and fresh.


Though most of home pizza deliveries promise that their pizzas will be piping hot when they arrive, which they mostly are, we can’t deny how it has sat through in that delivery box, all alone and getting a tad bit more stale and soggy as it makes its way to your doorstep.

With frozen pizza you never have to worry about that because you are literally the chef, the delivery man and also the pizza slayer. Just pop one of these frozen pizzas into the oven, go do a quick HIIT workout for 10 minutes because you’re healthy like that and collect your pizza piping hot and fresh out of the oven. Bam, sorted.

5. Frozen Pizza are cheaper than delivery.


Besides waiting for the pizza, you have to be financially able to pay for deliveries, which can get infuriating when you’re all about the couch life. Delivery fees ain’t cheap these days even though we live on a tiny island.


Save on deliveries by opting for frozen pizza – come on those extra bucks could get you a whole other pizza. Taste-wise Papalina’s frozen pizzas are pretty decent, complete with all the cheesy goodness indulgence.

Check out the Quattro formaggi if you’re really into all that heavy cheese where every bite will ooze with fromage goodness; it’ll be close to impossible to not like it. Or opt for the vegetables pizza if you’re looking for more succulent and juicy bursts from tomatoes and capsicum. Either way, there’s always something for everyone.

.So you just might want to consider buying some of these babies the next time you’re at the supermarket.



If you’re not convinced by now to opt for frozen pizzas, I don’t know what will. Get on board with the whole frozen pizza activity, dish out one of Papalina’s and prepare it any style you want. No delivery, no waiting, no extra cost, maximised taste with personalised ingredients all at the comfort of your home. Damn son.

Papalina’s pizzas are as traditional as it gets for a frozen pizza, it is baked in a stone oven with a thin crust, Italian style. To zest all of that up even further, the pizzas are crafted with quality ingredients in a far away land called Germany. The country’s also really famous for precision quality and beers – what a perfect combination with pizza I say.

Papalina Pizzas can be found at NTUC, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong and Meidi-ya supermarkets and do look out for the upcoming Chinese New Year promotions from mid-January onwards. There are up to four flavours available for alternating and spicing up your couch life. Namely, Spinach, Vegetables, Mozzarella and Quattro Formaggi that is spread with premium blue veined cheese. Mmhm.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Papalina Pizza

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