First dibs: Wingstop brings back its ultra-spicy Atomic chicken wings for a limited time only

When it comes to spicy food, I consider myself to be a masochist. There’s nothing I enjoy more than burning myself alive from the inside with the spiciest delicacies available, so when I found out that Wingstop had brought back its iconic flaming hot Atomic wings, I was excited.

wingstop atomic - atomic wings

After its sudden departure from the menu, Wingstop’s Atomic flavour is back for a limited time only. The Atomic Combo (S$12) offers three Atomic wings and three wings of your choice of flavour (you can get all six wings in Atomic, if you’d like), one large Voodoo Fries, one Ranch Dip and one canned drink.

wingstop atomic - atomic combo

I decided to order Wingstop’s popular Kecap Manis flavour to go with my Atomic wings. I also changed my sauce from ranch to cheese, which cost S$0.50 more.

Donning a vibrant red hue and coated generously in sauce, the Atomic wings were intimidating, yet tantalising. When I tasted a small bit of the sauce, the spice instantly hit me, and I knew that I was in for an exciting experience.

wingstop atomic - chicken wings

The Atomic sauce was spicy and sour with a strong, zesty twang. Personally, I was not a big fan of the sour elements, but those who enjoy sour chilli sauces like Tabasco will likely really enjoy this.

wingstop atomic - wing

The spiciness of the Atomic wings definitely made me pant and sweat a little. I felt the heat from the wings blaze throughout my mouth and stomach. However, I was still able to finish all three wings with no problem, which I suppose I could accredit to my moderately high spice tolerance. Fellow spice lovers will not be disappointed by the strength of these Atomic wings.

The addition of the Voodoo Fries was a nice touch in the combo, as the salty and cheesy fries provided a nice break from the searing heat of the wings.

Wingstop’s Atomic wings are available across all their outlets in Singapore until 14 August 2022, so why not put yourself up to the challenge before they’re gone again?

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