Excite Your Senses With A Star-Studded Line-Up At The World Gourmet Summit 2019 Now Till 12 May

If you’re into good food and fine wines, you would know that the World Gourmet Summit has been running for some time now. The culinary festival, now in its 23rd edition, focuses on sustainability this year, highlighting food waste management and plastic use reduction.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 Online

From 1 April – 12 May 2019, you can look forward to a line-up of celebrated chefs from all corners of the globe. They’ll be showcasing fresh premium ingredients and whipping up meals in masterclasses and curated dining experiences.

We were there for the Summit’s opening reception recently and got a sneak peek of the delectable spread of cuisines on offer.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 5

From The Sampan, a newly-opened restaurant that prides itself on local flavours, we tried the Salmon Soba Noodles. This had a refreshing and light layer of sesame oil that brightened up the entire dish.

The soba noodles were soft and chewy, and I managed to taste all the different flavours in one bite of this mini dish.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 3

The Open Farm Community was also present, and I really enjoyed the Banana Tamarind Crème Brulee from them. While the crust was admittedly a little on the dry side, the sweet and floral banana flavours actually paired with the herbs and subtle spiciness of tamarind really well.

There were also booths serving up foods from all corners of the world.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 1

I was able to sample a kebab from the Caribbean, which was interesting because it wasn’t overly meaty, yet still managed to pack in quite some flavour.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 2

From Europe, we had a cold cut platter sourced from the finest butcheries in various countries. There was also what seemed to be miniature croquettes, but these were actually clotted cheese panna cottas with soft, chewy centres.

World Gourmet Summit 2019 7

The World Gourmet Summit’s opening ceremony has taught me that all the participating restaurants here are more than willing to be on the cutting edge of gastronomy, and to explore new and exciting flavours. If you’re a lover of fine foods, this is the place you’ll want to be.

Now that you know what to expect at this year’s World Gourmet Summit, head over to their official website to book your curated culinary experience! Be sure to do it quickly because slots are limited, and selling out fast.

Dates & Times: 1 April – 12 May 2019

Prices: Refer to event site for individual partner establishments’ pricings