新式 Lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon: Pairing Cheese With Seafood Bee Hoon Works So Well At This Stall In Newton Food Centre

Last Updated: October 17, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

Newton Food Centre is a place locals and tourists all flock to for good food, and Xinshi Lobster & Seafood Beehoon is one of those stalls. We’ve covered the stall before, but after hearing about their new dishes with cheese, I thought I had to make another trip down to try it. Cheese lobster beehoon, how could I say no?

Xinshi Delights 6

If you’re a fan of cheese being paired with seafood, then you’ll enjoy Xinshi’s new cheese beehoon dishes. With milk and cheese added into the broth, the taste of cheese permeates through the dish.

Xinshi Delights 1

The Cheese Lobster Beehoon ($30) is similar to their original dish, but Xinshi has changed the way the lobster is cooked. Previously, the crustaceans were just cooked in the broth, but now the lobsters are flash fried for less than a minute to ensure the beautiful red colour on the shells, then they’re finished off with the rest of the ingredients in the broth.

I can appreciate how the lobster meat still retains the flavour and texture without being oily, but the lobster membrane was a little hard to chew through. Everything else was good; the broth was definitely flavourful along with the noodles that soaked up the flavour, and the prawns were juicy and sweet with fresh clams.

Xinshi Delights 4

The Cheese Seafood Beehoon ($9.80) did really well at showcasing the cheese. Xinshi uses Hokkaido mixed cheese, and the combination of Cheddar, Gouda and Mozzarella provided a good balance of saltiness and stringiness. The cheese is torched right before serving, and it comes as a gooey topping over the beehoon.

Xinshi Delights 3

The dish comes with only prawns and clams, but the ingredients were all fresh and the taste of the seafood came through in the broth.

Xinshi Delights 5

My favourite was the Cheese Scallop Beehoon ($15).There’s just something about cheese and scallops that go together perfectly, more so than other shellfish. The scallops were big and tender, and thankfully not overcooked.

The broth is different for each bowl of beehoon because the chef cooks all the seafood together when an order comes in, so you can expect a stronger taste from the broth in lobster beehoon dishes. I thought that was a great way to ensure that customers get to enjoy different flavours instead of having one broth that tastes the same for all dishes.

Xinshi Lobster & Seafood Beehoon is still a new stall, having just opened in June 2017, but their quality and continuous innovation is definitely something that will keep them relevant in this competitive food industry.

Expected damage: $10 – $30 

新式 Lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon: Newton Food Centre #01-58, Singapore 229495 | Tel: +65 8228 8444 | Facebook | Instagram | Opening hours: Available here

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